One of the saddest things to accept, especially when we are dealing with very genuine people, is that attraction is not in our control. We can't decide whether to be attracted to someone or not. It just happens. The absence of interest in someone who loves us very much can sometimes be very difficult to communicate. In this article, we make things a little easier. We show you how to tell someone you're not interested without hurting them.

1. Prove that jealousy is completely absent in that interaction

Jealousy is one of the big indicators that attraction is present in an interaction. Take away the jealousy, and both parties know that there is no interest or affection.

Ubong, a relationship expert, says: “Jealousy is not one of those things you can conjure up. It's either there or it's not. Their presence means there is affection. Its absence means there is none.”

Showing this friend you're not jealous at all will get the same result as showing them you're not interested.

How do you prove that they are not jealous at all?

  1. He congratulates his admirers: let's say you're talking to a guy, a guy other women swoon over. The unique and very effective way to show him that you are not jealous at all is to compliment his admirer. You can say, “That girl who kept looking at you is so pretty. I think she's actually one of the prettiest women I've ever seen.” This works very effectively to drive the point home.
  2. Combine it: this is also very effective. When you try to relate Someone to others, you are making it very clear that you cannot relate to them. You are taking your eyes off of yourself for a while. You are showing that you are not interested in him. You can always do it casually and not willingly. You can say something like, “That girl really likes you, and to be honest, I feel like you should talk to her more. She might even want to be in a relationship.” I guess he'll be confused by this in some ways, but he'll get the point across.
  3. Ask him to match you: this one usually hurts a guy a bit, but it works. You can ask her to match you with any of her good looking friends. Tell him that you might like his friends, as they will probably be as nice as he is. This one does magic. He is able to take his head off almost immediately. Guys like to compete with other men for women. And when it becomes clear that they have lost, they tend to let him go and find other women.
  4. Congratulate other guys: praise other boys in front of him. Make sure you listen to it and do it often. In time, I assure you, he'll get the point, and he'll take it better than he would if you just showed up to tell him you're not interested in him.
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2. Subtle repetition

The truth is that we often listen without really listening. It's the same with boys and girls. We hear subtle messages even if we don't pay as much attention to them, and this is especially true if these messages are repeated very often.

I want you to take advantage of this as you try to tell a guy you're interested in him without hurting his feelings.

Repeat your disinterest in him by calling him your best friend or your brother.

You might even start referring to it as “best” from now on. And when the two of you are chatting, be sure to also mention that you've always wanted a “best friend” like him.

You can say, “Sometimes I think about how you've been the best friend to me. I want nothing but the best for you all the damn time. You're an amazing man; I've never doubted that.”

If that doesn't work, you can call him bro.

Ubong says, “There was a girl who called me big brother. The first time she called me that name, I thought it was a joke. But it wasn't. She meant it. At that moment, I knew she wasn't interested in me at all “.

Call him big brother too. If that doesn't work, you can take it a step further and introduce him as your brother when the two of you hang out. It won't hurt you. It might make you uncomfortable in some way, which is supposed to happen anyway, but you'll get the point.

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3. Make it about you

The best way to reject a guy without hurting his feelings is to make it about you.

Show him that you're not that interested in him because you don't want to be in a relationship yet. You may not tell him this directly. You can do this by constantly repeating that you are tired of relationships and wish men could learn how to be friends. It may take a while, but you'll get the point.

You'll know it's reached the point when it starts to pull away.

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4. Reject all advances

All advances to initiate physical contact that go beyond the usual, or to be in secluded locations, must be rejected.

As you constantly reject his advances, he will sometimes get the point and move away from you. Or at least ask him what's going on.

5. Tell him

When you ask, you're probably up for anything and it won't hurt much. So tell him then. Tell him you can't see him that way.


You can always tell a guy you don't like him. Just do it easily, without resisting too much.

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