Have you ever wondered what women really like about men? Every man wonders sometimes. And although it seems like a very difficult question to answer, we were able to make a list of 15 things that women are very attracted to in men.

1. Facial appearance and characteristics

We are also quite attracted to a person's facial features.

During the first contact or interaction with a man, women pay a lot of attention to the appearance of his face.

They judge your face based on symmetry and neatness.

Facial symmetry is an important thing for some women. They tend to look at how aligned his face is and how his features come together to make him look very masculine and presentable.

Note that facial features also include your beard. A well-trimmed beard is very attractive to women.

Women tend to like a close-cropped beard over a full, scraggly beard and tend to prefer a split beard over a smooth facial area.

2. Physical body and height

Women are also very attracted to the physique and height of a person's body.

On average, women like very tall men, and height starts at at least 5'11.

They also tend to like men who have an athletic build.

Keep in mind that an athletic build doesn't necessarily have to be a muscular build, although a muscular build can be more attractive.

An athletic build is just a build that isn't fat or morbidly obese.

If you are perhaps a tall guy who has an athletic build, you will definitely attract many women.

3. Voice texture

A person's voice is such a strong indicator of his masculinity.

And so women are very attracted to men who have deeper voices.

On average, men who have deeper voices can get more women than men whose voices are quite light.

Women describe a very deep voice as mesmerizing or simply very arousing.

Elena told us that she loves it when a man has a deep voice, and it's a pleasure to hear him speak because the depth of his voice unleashes his feminine side.

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4. Clothing and style

Women also pay a lot of attention to dress and style.

Dress, style and fashion sense play an important role in attraction.

The type of clothing that attracts a woman depends on the area she is in and the type of men she meets.

In an official setting, women are very attracted to men who dress in a fairly official manner.

This includes a good pair of trousers, a good shirt and maybe a tie.

If it is in the casual environment, women are when men are able to take out some casual clothes that can also generate a form of respect.

The man can wear jeans and a shirt, and maybe a pair of sneakers. But if his clothing is able to generate respect and desire, then women will be very attracted to him.

5. Charisma

I like to say that it's charisma that makes a man.

Women are very particular about charisma. They tend to praise or condemn it a lot.

If a woman meets a man whose charisma isn't good enough, she's going to be mostly unhappy just by being around that man.

Nothing that man does around him is going to make sense.

On the other hand, if a woman meets a man whose charisma pays off, she will be very attracted to him in a way that makes it impossible for the man to go wrong.

Men who have arrogant charisma tend to attract more women than men whose charisma is quite innocent.

6. Humour

Women like men who are very arrogant and very funny.

The man who is able to bring out the humor will attract so many women.

This is because humor is a social device that is very useful during social interactions and can indicate a person's degree of intellect.

Most people who are great with humor tend to be very intelligent people.

Intelligence is attractive, even to women. And so the humor becomes just as appealing.

7. Stoicism

Stoicism is the ability to remain indifferent to what is happening in the outside world.

The way to say it is that stoicism is the ability to remain calm and firm even in the face of adversity.

It points to great emotional strength, and as we already know, women are very attracted to strength.

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A stoic man is going to be very attractive to almost every woman he meets, especially if he is able to interact with her emotionally.

Because he is stoic and largely carefree, he will effortlessly pass all tests of his masculinity.

8. Ability to express yourself

The ability to express yourself is a skill that is usually overrated, but the truth is that being able to express yourself is a very important marker in the social hierarchy.

As you must know, women judge men based on three variables, one of which is their social hierarchy.

If the man has talent or skills that point to the fact that he is higher in the social hierarchy, women are going to be very attractive to him.

9. Storytelling

Yes, storyteller too. Women like to have a good time, and they really love it when a man is able to have a good time.

Men who can tell stories are the best people out there, and women know it. So, they are attracted to men who are able to tell good stories.

10. Leadership

Women are also highly attracted to leadership qualities.

If a man shows that he is able to lead, whether he is leading the woman or the people around him, he becomes very attractive to most women.

A man who leads is a man who is able to make a woman feel comfortable.

Women don't like to be the ones to take the initiative, especially in a relationship setting.

Women don't like to be controlled. That's not what I'm saying. I'm just saying that they like to lovingly follow their man's directives.

For example, a woman does not want to choose the place for a date. She prefers her man to guide her.

He prefers that I say, “I think we should go out tomorrow, and I want us to go out at this place. I'll come get you at this hour.”

That is more attractive to her, and that tells her that the man will make life more comfortable.

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11. Family love

Traditional women really love it when a man is family oriented.

A family-oriented man is a man who thinks and acts in a way that makes a woman believe that he loves being in a family and loves raising his own family.

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A family oriented, just by looking at it, is going to be a safer place for the traditional woman.

She will feel that she has a purpose around her because the purpose-driven nature of her life will also keep her life going.

12. Independence

Women don't like a man who is dependent on other people, and you should keep in mind that other people include even her.

Women want a man who can make his own choices and do what he wants because he has the ability to maintain his own lifestyle.

It is this inability to be independent that turns many women away from nice guys because nice guys tend to be very dependent on a woman, especially for their own emotional security.

They have to seek the woman's approval to feel a certain way, and this is very unattractive. It can make a woman who has even decided to go ahead with a relationship with you back off.

13. Money and comfort

Money is also very attractive to women. That's just the truth. Many people tend to ignore this or try to suppress its importance because they don't want to make women look like gold diggers.

But the truth is that wanting or loving money does not make one a gold digger.

Wanting money and comfort is natural, especially for women.

Women are driven towards comfort and would mostly go where comfort is promised.

Luckily, guys who have a lot of money tend to make women feel very comfortable.

14. Fame

Women are also very attracted to fame. This is because, as I said before, fame is an indicator of a man's social hierarchy.

A famous man is very high in the social hierarchy.

The ability to be socially aware and socially aware is a currency unto itself.

A person's social status often indicates financial status.

15. The genuine one

The truth is that being genuine is also very attractive. Women don't like men who are likely to fake a lifestyle.

They love and are attracted to men who are able to be themselves, whether or not they fit into a presumed category of men.

Women are very attracted to indicators of social class.

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