Looking for ways to keep up with the latest Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) and Ramadan Negahban Program news and alerts? Look no further! These programs serve as a vital lifeline to many families in need across our country, providing much-needed financial assistance and support during difficult times. You can join below mentioned whatsapp groups / whatsapp channels / facebook pages to always get updates and help about these programs.

Why Join BISP and Negahban Program WhatsApp Groups New Update 2024?

Joining the BISP and Negahban Program WhatsApp groups provides a direct line to receive instant updates and alerts about the different BISP and Negahban programs. These groups are an essential resource for:

  • Latest updates: Stay informed about the latest changes or improvements in the BISP programs and the Negahban program.
  • Alerts: Receive timely alerts about application deadlines, disbursement schedules, and any potential issues affecting the programs.
  • Share information: A platform for beneficiaries to share their experiences, tips and advice.
  • Direct communication: These groups provide a direct communication channel with BISP representatives, allowing real-time support and feedback.

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Programs covered in WhatsApp groups

  • BISP Kafalat Program: A financial support scheme designed to provide unconditional cash transfers to the poorest and most vulnerable, especially women, to help them meet their basic needs.
  • BISP Taleem Wazaif: An initiative aimed at promoting the education of boys and girls from BISP beneficiary families through financial incentives.
  • BISP Nashonuma Program: It focuses on improving the nutritional status and health outcomes of pregnant/lactating women and children under the age of two, addressing issues of malnutrition and stunting.
  • Punjab Ramzan Rashan Negahban Program: Maryam Nawaz introduced Ramadan Negahban program to help people during Ramadan. The aim of this program is to reduce the financial burden and provide relief to people during the holy month. They are giving 8070 muft atta, sugar, ghee and other essential items to the needy.
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How to join in 2024?

To be a part of these WhatsApp groups, interested people should look for official BISP channels or websites where direct links are provided to join these groups. It is essential to ensure that you join official and verified WhatsApp groups to avoid misinformation and protect your personal information.

Contact details

Information Details
Contact number 0800-26477
address Benazir Income Support Program, Block F, Pak Secretariat, Islamabad, Pakistan

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