Among the strangest pairings is the practice of sitting on the man's face. Yes, you heard that right. You may have even tried it before. Chances are you got it wrong the first time you tried it and vowed never to again. With this article, we try to show you the best positions to sit on your man's face and how to do it.

1. Talk to your man about it

Don't sit on his face. Talk to your man about it. Let him know that it promises to be fun and that you will enjoy it as much as he does.

You should even be able to laugh with him. Most men are very receptive to the idea, as long as they know their woman will be very turned on.

Men find arousal in their woman's arousal. We talk about it in our article called The Art of Pleasuring Each Other.

If you think and believe that it will make you feel good, you will surely find pleasure in doing it.

2. Shave

This is a mistake many women make when sitting on their man's face. They do it without shaving. All of this is bad. It's going to be bushy down there, and as you know, the hair is brittle and can hurt your partner's face while swinging on it.

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Unless your man insists you don't, you have to shave before you sit on his face. Sometimes, it's even better to shave. Waxing leaves the groin area even more bare. No hair means no pain, and no pain means no pleasure.

3. Make sure you are clean

This means there is no smell, not even the slightest. Even the smell of sweat. Sweat has a smell, and it's one that many men don't like. So don't sit on your face when you haven't bathed recently.

It is good practice for women to wash even just a little when they are about to have sex. It's an even better practice for men.

The groin is a very moist area. And being the majority means it's a breeding ground for much of the body's normal flora. Your normal flora are microorganisms that grow in your body without causing any harm. Those on the skin grow, releasing gases that can smell bad.

It doesn't matter if you feel it's there or not.

Go wash up a little more before you climb up on your man and feed his face.

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4. Have the right frame of mind

Mood matters. You have to get it right. Fortunately, it's very easy to get yourself in the right mood when you're having sex.

All you need is erotic music and excellent lighting.

Since this is your first attempt at eating your man's face, I'd suggest doing it when the lights are dimmed.

Dim lights boost your confidence. And confidence is great when trying wild things for the first time.

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5. Start with foreplay

The role of foreplay is to create at least a little tension and excitement. When you try something like sitting on your man's face, you both have to be very turned on.

Be the one who focuses on your body the most during this foreplay. He pushes the shaft of his penis into your mouth. I licked him gently so the threads of pleasure opened his mind and I heard him moan.

Now is the time to make fun of him and say really crazy things. For example, playing with her nipples and asking questions like, “Do you know that, Daddy?” It will surely make you feel a rare pleasure.

You can start the face sitting in this position. Say something like, “Do you want Mommy to come and sit on your face?”

Or something even more erotic, like, “Can mommy come put this fat booty on your face?”

Look him in the eye when you say this. I promise you'll see something in there, and it's going to be a quiet longing.

6. Start with 69

Don't jump to trying the unpleasant things at once. Stay in familiar territory even if just a little bit. Position 69 is familiar territory, and can even be considered a kind of foreplay.

In position 69, then the man lies down and the woman moves him, this time she does not sit on his penis but on his face. She can lean forward to suck his cock while he licks her vagina.

It's a great start for beginners.

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7. Sit on the lying man

Now, you don't have to suck his dick. Just move your butt in his face. Encourage your man to hold your bottom when you move.

Note that you don't have to bounce. Bouncing will create a space between his face and your butt so that when you return to the starting position, there will be pain and your man will feel hurt.

Don't create space. just move Move in such a way that it also makes you feel pleasure. Ride his mouth like you would ride his dick.

Make sure you don't cover his nose completely so he doesn't stop breathing. Your breathing is very important, you know?

8. The half-seated man

Here, the man is sitting in a half-sitting position. This is the best position to sit on your face because it doesn't put as much pressure on your thighs or your body.

This position works when you are sitting in a chair or when you are sitting in a bathtub. He just half sits, and you sit on top of him, moving your bottom.


Sitting on your man's face can be such an intimate thing. Every couple has to try it sometime.

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