Women love to be directed. This is something that men do not fully understand. What many women hate and kick is being subdued, defeated or controlled. Although a controlling man will almost always miss it with women, a man who can lead will be a great source of strength for his woman and she will enjoy their relationship. You can become that man. Here's how to lead a woman.

1. It's a relationship, not a conquest

This is the first and most important thing to keep in mind when you are learning how to lead your wife. Your relationship is a partnership. Not a conquest. There is no one between the two of you who is greater than the other.

You are both the same. And you owe each other respect and care.

Your partner must be your partner. You should not try to dominate her. You should drive it with love.

In fact, you should never for one second force her to follow you. In relationships, tracking is an option. She has to be the one to force herself to follow you.

She has to look at your admirable features and move to your side.

2. Set an example

In relationships, you lead by example. You don't say, “I want you to do this.”

Your actions should speak for you.

If you want your wife to act a certain way, you have to act that way first. You have to show him that this is a proper and appropriate way to act.

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She would eventually follow you because she admires you and considers you worthy of her love.

You know a woman is really interested in you when she follows you.

This is even applicable in the dating phase. When a woman starts liking a guy, she starts copying his mannerisms.

She starts to sound and talk like him. You can even start moving your arms like him. It's often pretty cool to watch, and it shows how admiration can drive someone to make changes that suit their relationships.

3. Love her. And it shows

Love is the currency in every relationship. Men have to learn to love their spouses. Deeply so.

And they must not love in silence. Men have a thing for “loving” in silence.

Understand that your wife cannot read your mind.

Your mind is yours and what she hears you say or do is hers.

i love her And I really want it. Never for once see her as someone who should be conquered.

Love the way you talk. Love her in the things you do when she's not there. Usually, it's what a person does when you're not there that shows the extent of their love for you.

4. Respect

Love is respect. And it's this respect that sets your leadership apart from their boss's. Your respect for your spouse should bring her into submission.

The word submission often has a lot of negative reactions, especially in Western societies. I shouldn't. Submission in relationships does not reflect the type observed between bosses and employees.

Submission in relationships speaks to the deep trust that drives a woman to let go of her doubts and follow her man, knowing that he wants the best for her.

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She won't submit to you when you don't respect her. In fact, she will be very opposed to your leadership.

Is your wife against you? Then check the depth of your respect for her. deepen it

5. Tune into your faith

Every leader must be led. You, as the man who wants to lead your wife, must have deep faith in something.

It's up to you to choose who you want to believe. It can be anything. But let your faith keep you in good mental shape on days when it's so hard to keep going.

A leader must be stronger than those who follow him. You must be strong for your wife.

So, have unwavering faith in the future they both share.

Develop your mind. read a lot You are going to guide her with your mind.

6. Provide for her

A man's traditional role is to provide for his family. You should be ready to provide for your wife.

She deserves that little love. Be there for her when she needs you. Try your best to give him everything he needs.

You don't have to make the mistake most men make when providing for her. Don't do it begrudgingly. This discourages women.

Grudges are for the weak. Don't show weakness or she will reconsider following you.

7. Don't complain

That's why I insisted on strength earlier. Don't complain about anything. Men don't whine or complain. Leave it to your wife, who is emotional and trusts her emotions.

I should trust your logic.

Instead of complaining, you should correct. A man is a fixer.

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Find a solution. Set a limit.

If your wife is doing something you don't like, call her out. Tell him that you think what he is doing is not cool. Do it from a position of power and not fear. Many men cannot call their wives because they are afraid that this will spoil the peace of the relationship.

I'll tell you what: not calling her is going to mess up the peace even more. So it's best to either stir up a problem now and let it go forever, or stay quiet and wait for the problem to happen.


8. Seek their advice

Every leader needs to be counseled from time to time. And you should show yourself to be a great leader by seeking advice from your wife when you feel confused. It fosters trust and respect.


A woman will follow a man she can trust. A man who loves her.

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