Women also mark territories in relationships. Most men don't see this, but it's always there and can be an indicator that a woman loves you. I like to tell people that women protect what they like. Are you loved by your wife? Let us help you find out. This is how women mark the territories:

1. Conquering man

One of the many ways a woman marks her territories is by conquering her man. It is a very fun but vital game that is played here.

The woman knows that a man is likely to look for other nice women as it is in the nature of the man to explore her, so she will try to win him over.

She does this by applying two tactics:


With this, the woman tries to detach the man from whom she usually loves. She protects him from places he would normally be.

For example, he likes to stop at the bar at 10pm every day. A woman who wants to conquer him will insist that he stop going there.

She will blackmail him with an emotional need for her.

Something like, “You go over there and hang out, leaving me alone here every day.”

The man who gives in is defeated. Their territory was then marked.


A woman can also conquer a man, marking her territory by becoming the center of her man's life.

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This is called centralization.

She will make the man believe that everything has to be about her.

She will tell him all the things he is supposed to do right to make him “happy”.

This works quite well with some men. It shows the man where he should be: in his space. In the territory of the bed.

Unfortunately, giving a man to a woman's conquest technique is the fastest way to kill attraction.

Such a woman will probably not respect the man as much anymore.

She will see him as a weakling. Women want challenging men. They want to try, but fail, to conquer any man. The one who wins is stronger. And women don't want to be stronger.

Women want men to be stronger.

Take a survey yourself. Ask ten women you know if they want stronger men and I bet they'll all say yes. Women are attracted by force.

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2. Public display of affection

Public displays of affection are romantic, yes. But they do not only fulfill a romantic function. They can also be a means by which a woman marks her territories.

If a woman sees another woman staring at her man for so long, for example, she can lean in and kiss him.

This is his way of saying, “I have him. He is mine.”

Watch how your wife acts when she sees other women looking at you and you will agree that she must have acted the same way.

Sometimes, they don't opt ​​for public displays of affection.

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They opt for something rather fiercer. How to give the offending woman a very mean look.

One of our editors took a field trip to a city in the United States to conduct some personal research.

His task was simple. She had to look at the men who were with their spouses flirtatiously, bite her lower lip.

He looked at 15 couples in total that afternoon.

10 of these couples kissed, and the other five looked at her angrily.

This means that all those women have marked their territories.

Women also mark territories!

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3. She leaves her belongings behind

This is especially true with women who have reason to suspect you may be cheating on them.

I have seen this happen many times with my boyfriend.

Often they will leave a very sensitive belonging in a very sensitive place, knowing that their potential cheating partner will run into it.

For example, they might leave a pair of panties in your bathroom or leave a note in your drawer.

I know this is a little hard to believe. But it happens.

Yan told us that his side chick once started giving him attitude. And when he approached her about it, she told him how much it pained her to see her main girl's underwear.

She went on to tell him that her main chick had left this underwear on purpose!

Women also drop their panties to catch a cheating partner. When a woman wants to catch you cheating, she will do whatever it takes.

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4. She insists on cooking your meals for work

There's almost always that co-worker who comes to work with home-cooked food. yes There is a possibility that your wife will give you home cooked lunch because she loves it so much.

However, there's no denying the reality that a home-cooked lunch is also often a woman's way of marking her territory.

It's their way of saying, “Hey, everyone, I've got this one. You don't have to worry about impressing it. I've got it and I'm taking good care of it.”

Does this work? Of course yes.

In a small pool, we surveyed doctors at a small hospital in Nigeria and found that doctors who brought home-cooked lunches to work were less likely to be accosted by other female doctors.

Other women are uncannily acute at detecting the territorial signals their mates put on. They stay away very well.

5. Social networks

Social media makes the world go round. Everything works there these days, and women have definitely found a way to make it work for them.

A woman can definitely mark territories with her social media profile.

All you have to do is update your relationship status.

You can even tag your husband, fiance or boyfriend in multiple posts. That's all you have to do.

Other women will go back for sure.

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