While love is a fairly stable emotion that never goes away, romantic interest is quite volatile. It is like a flame that dies when no one stokes it. This means that your wife is likely to lose interest in you at some point if you don't do a lot of things right. In this article, I'm going to show you a couple of things that point to the fact that you're losing interest. I will also show you what to do.

1. If you have been distant

She won't just wake up one morning and lose interest in you. I haven't seen that happen before.

Their loss of interest will mostly be a reaction to your actions.

It all begins and ends with you. This is something that many men do not understand.

Women like to be directed in a relationship. They want the man to give direction to their interest and affection.

They want man to demand love the way he wants to be loved. So the moment you move away, most women will lose that sense of direction and start putting their affections on other people.

2. If you've been too available

Very ironic, isn't it?

Although love is an emotion that grows where it feels safe, in the warmth of hugs, in the beauty of a well-spoken and understood love language, attraction doesn't exactly love that much security.

The attraction prefers to grow in space, on rocky terrain.

Imagine that love is a soft flower that needs good, loamy soil to grow.

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Now, imagine that attraction is a flower growing in stubborn soil.

Both are beautiful flowers. But both need different means to thrive.

If you're always available to her, you'll replace the attraction of the rocky ground she needs to thrive with something more fluid. The attraction will therefore begin to wane.

That's why you'll hear women say things like this about their exes: “He was too nice. I just didn't feel the spark anymore.”

That spark refers to interest. To the attraction

And believe me, the guy caused it.

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3. If she forgives too easily

Women are also known to give emotional and mental direction to the men they love.

When a woman loves you very much, she unknowingly becomes a kind of mother to you.

She begins to guide your responses to the outside world. Telling you when you might have overreacted and when you needed to act more.

They express a lot of displeasure when you make the same mistakes over and over again and will often hold that displeasure until they get the point across.

While a woman who is still interested in you will probably frown all day until you ask what's going on, a woman who is slowly losing her internet will not.

She will let you do whatever you want without thinking too much about it.

I have seen this happen many times. It's a pattern that keeps showing up in the latter parts of relationships headed straight for breakup.

4. Start talking to new people

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By young people, I mean men.

A woman who is interested in you will almost always make you the object of her attraction. This means that people will mean little or nothing to her.

He won't care about your opinions. As long as you're there, you're hers, and she's yours.

This changes when she starts to lose attraction to you.

She begins to see the need to talk to other people. Other men You may not necessarily be flirting with them. But she will come to find them very worth talking about.

Sometimes, and I see it a lot too, it's okay to tell them things that they don't tell you.

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5. She stays away

Few theories work as well to describe interest and attraction as the band theory.

Imagine that attraction is an elastic band that binds you and your partner together. The further you go from each other, the more force will bring you back together.

But this has a clause: as long as the elastic limit of the band is not reached.

The moment the elastic properties of the band are canceled, there will be no more strip from either of you.

she will go

If you feel so much space between the two. So that it becomes relatively easy to go days and weeks without talking to each other, then you may want to realize that she is no longer interested in you.

What to do if you are losing interest

Here's what to do if he's lost interest in you or is about to

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1. Close the space

If the reason for the loss of interest is a covered space, then you have to close the space.

You can do this by taking one big step: give her a gift.

Give him a gift and establish contact from then on.

2. Go to “No Contact”:

If you feel that the loss of interest is because you are too available for her, then the best thing to do is to go no contact.

Set some kind of space, not too big anyway, and allow a hard ground for your attraction to grow.

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3. Make her jealous

As with most battles fought on emotional terrain, you have to master the art of subtlety with this one.

You should not make it obvious that you are trying to make her jealous.

Doing this already puts you on the losing side. But if you can make her jealous without her ever realizing it, then there's a good chance her attraction will start burning again.

4. You

Sometimes this is all that is needed. No yes! Be the one who attracted her in the first place.


Women lose interest for many reasons. It helps to be a great counter-attacker.

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