Everyone has a desire to have sex. It is a desire rooted in our very biology. Often this desire is suppressed or latent, especially in women. In this article, we will show you how to activate your sex drive. These methods have been proven to work.

1. Get rid of toxic shame

A woman will not want to have sex while feeling toxic shame.

The term toxic shame refers to all forms of shame that distract a person from their real desires.

We all have toxic shame about certain things. For men, toxic shame is not about sex. At least for the vast majority of men.

Men know they are supposed to have sex and try to have sex. But there is such a big difference with women, even if women also get horny and have such a raging desire to have sex every now and then, they tend to suppress this desire because they are somehow ashamed of it.

This desire is often suppressed based on moralistic, religious or social norms.

The man who must arouse sexual desire in a woman must be able to eliminate all forms of toxic shame that she may be experiencing.

You have to be able to change your mind about sex.

You must come to see sex as something that is a normal human practice that is enjoyable for both the man and the woman.

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This is often a very difficult thing to do. It requires such a high level of subtlety.

You can't just stand up and start challenging a woman's idea of ​​sex. She's going to feel like you're undermining her or that you think your ideas are superior to hers.

It has to be done subtly, one step at a time.

2. Remove the trauma: if present

If there is a presence of trauma around sexual activity in a woman, even if this trauma is not so pronounced, it is a good idea to remove it.

The trauma may not necessarily be sexual abuse. It can be anything. From having consistently bad sexual encounters to having a sexually transmitted infection that made the woman want to stay away from sex.

Many women have some kind of sexual trauma.

The man who is able to pull them off will definitely be able to make his sex drive rage.

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3. Your body

Your body is one of the main struggles you have.

If he hasn't had sex with you yet, even though he's made it clear that he likes you in a sexual way, it might be because he doesn't want you to see his body yet.

Often, it may be because you don't like the way your body looks.

I have met many women who have struggled with this and have successfully helped many of them overcome their anxiety about their bodies.

It works great when a man can complement a woman's body to the point where he no longer feels the need to hide it. Where you get to embrace yourself as a sexual person who should have sex and enjoy it, especially if it's sex with someone you admire.

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Notice that sexual desire is something that happens first on a mental level?

yes It has to happen on the mental level before one takes it to the emotional level. If she has mental blocks around sex, nothing you do will make her open to sex.

I've seen this happen quite a bit.

4. Flirt with her

Flirting is such a valuable tool when trying to arouse sexual desire.

But then again, a lot of guys don't know how to flirt. Flirting requires a very high level of subtlety.

You really don't have to make it obvious to a woman that you're flirting with her. If you do this, especially if you do it too early in the relationship, when she hasn't started to see you as a sexual partner, you will very likely miss your chance with that woman.

The purpose of flirting is to produce awareness. You flirt because you want her to know that you are sexually interested in her.

When awareness has been created in her mind, that is, when she knows for sure that you are sexually interested in her and reciprocates this interest by flirting, then you can take her to the next level, which is the physical initiation. contact

Flirting, therefore, can be seen as a green light. It's commonly called a green light, even. A light that tells her that this man is very interested in her in particular.

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4. Initiate physical contact

Initiating physical contact should be the next step after flirting when you're trying to arouse sexual desire in a woman.

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But remember that you only do this if she reciprocates your energy and flirts with you again.

Don't make the mistake of breaking the touch barrier with a woman who doesn't match your flirtatious energy. I can assure you it will not end very well.

It may even end up so bad that he tries to dissociate himself from you.

Women are great at dissociating themselves from guys who are bold enough to touch them without the necessary sexual desire.

5. Put thoughts in his head

Yes, you should put thoughts in his head. You should put the most sexual, nasty and dirty thoughts into his head.

But make sure you make these thoughts very attractive. The more attractive, the greater the chances of him raging in sexual desire.

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6. Be together in closed spaces more often

Spend more time with her in closed spaces.

Don't touch her or anything. Just make her comfortable enough to share a sexy, closed space with you.

And, sooner or later, sex is going to happen.

Activating sexual desire is easy. You just have to get into his mind.

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