Secure Connection, a global manufacturer based in Hong Kong, has introduced its latest Honeywell surge protectors. The new Platinum range comprises five products:

  • 1 Output surge bucket
  • 3 outlet surge protector
  • 4 socket surge protector
  • 6 socket surge protector
  • 8 socket surge protector

These surge protectors protect your devices from power surges, extending their life. Particularly useful in places where power cuts are frequent, they defend against voltage fluctuations and interruptions.

The Surge Cube features a universal plug, a USB-A port and a PD20W Type-C port, allowing you to charge three devices in one compact cube. The 3-outlet surge protector offers three universal outlets, two USB-A ports and one PD20W Type-C port, protecting multiple devices.

The 4-outlet surge protector includes four universal outlets, two USB-A ports and one PD20W Type-C port. The 6-outlet surge protector offers six universal outlets, dual USB-A ports and PD25W Type-C ports, accommodating multiple devices with wide connectivity.

Rounding out the range, the 8-outlet surge protector offers comprehensive protection and multiple charging options for larger setups, with eight universal outlets, dual USB-A ports and PD25W Type-C ports.

These models prioritize safety, efficiency and comfort, meeting the needs of modern lifestyles for simultaneous connections and protection. Each surge protector features 8 advanced safety features that ensure reliable performance:

  • 3 line AC protection
  • Protection against overload
  • Child safety shutter
  • Fire resistant material
  • LED indicator
  • Metal oxide varistor (MOV) technology.
  • Secure device warranty of Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 75,000
  • Master reset switch

In addition, each surge protector comes with a 3-year warranty.

Prices and availability

Honeywell surge protectors start at Rs. 899 and are available in various retail stores and e-commerce platforms starting today.

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Commenting on the launch, Mohit Anand, Co-Founder and CEO of Secure Connection Limited, stated:

At Secure Connection, we strive to enrich the modern lifestyle of our consumers with innovative solutions that prioritize security and convenience. Faced with society's increasing dependence on electronic devices for work and leisure, it is essential to ensure the comprehensive protection of these assets. Our latest platinum range of Honeywell branded surge protectors not only reflects our dedication to quality and reliability, but also embodies our vision for a more secure and interconnected future.

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