Meta has introduced a series of updates for WhatsApp, with the aim of giving the platform a fresh, accessible and simple look. These changes mark the first major reform since 2021.

Meta says its team kept three guiding principles in mind during the redesign process:

  • Cool: WhatsApp should feel new and nice, with a look that fits your device.
  • Accessible: WhatsApp should be easy to use for everyone, with a friendly and familiar feel.
  • Simple: Design should be simple, adaptable and future-proof.

New color palette

WhatsApp now features a new green palette for a more consistent visual experience. After considering more than 35 color options, Meta opted for a palette that complements WhatsApp's iconic green while allowing for harmonious color combinations.

They have also integrated more neutral colors for greater flexibility. Additionally, a darker Dark Mode has been introduced, featuring higher contrast and deeper tones to reduce eye strain in low-light conditions.

Updated icons and illustrations
  • The icons have been revamped with a rounded and outlined style to match the new look. The illustrations have also been updated, with additional animation for a playful touch.

  • Chat backgrounds have also undergone a makeover, with simpler designs that better represent diversity.

Easier browsing

On Android, a modern bottom navigation bar has been introduced for faster access to features.

  • Tabs are now positioned closer to the user's thumb, providing a more intuitive browsing experience.

  • Coming soon to iOS, users benefit from a new attachment design, making it easier to send media, surveys, documents and more.
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Improved chat management

With the recent introduction of chat filters, WhatsApp now allows users to focus on important conversations more efficiently.

  • With the navigation bar moved to the bottom on Android, chat filters are conveniently placed at the top of the chat list.
  • Users can easily switch between unread and group filters to catch up on messages or find favorite group chats.

Designing for the future

Meta emphasizes the collaborative effort behind these updates, which include a multidisciplinary team of designers. They express enthusiasm for users to explore the updated WhatsApp experience.

Meta remains committed to improving connectivity through WhatsApp, whether for personal communication, business interactions or leveraging Meta AI for multitasking, and is dedicated to introducing new features and enhancements to empower users.

Announcing the updates, Idit Yaniv, vice president and head of design for WhatsApp at Meta, he declared:

Our design philosophy aligns with our product principles of maintaining the simplicity, reliability and privacy of WhatsApp. We filter these principles through a design lens to create intuitive and clear flows that facilitate connections universally while protecting privacy.

We look closely at how people interact with their devices, making sure our user interface complements their existing experiences, making WhatsApp feel familiar and effortless to navigate. If you are familiar with using your device, using WhatsApp should be easy.

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