The customer data of more than 7.5 million BoAt customers has appeared on the dark web, it said Forbes India.

This includes personal data such as names, addresses, contact numbers, email IDs and customer IDs, totaling approximately 2GB of leaked data in one forum.

Data breach at BoAt Lifestyle

The breach was claimed by a hacker named ShopifyGUY on April 5, targeting boAt Lifestyle, a manufacturer of audio products and smart watches. The leaked files contain information on 7,550,000 customers.

Forbes India confirmed the breach by contacting some customers who verified recent purchases of BoAt products.

Consequences and potential implications

Threat Intelligence researcher Saumay Srivastava warns of potential social engineering attacks, exploiting personal data to access bank accounts and fraudulently use credit cards.

He further added that these breaches go beyond the loss of personal data, leaving people vulnerable to financial fraud, phishing and identity theft.

The hacker's profile, ShopifyGUY, is relatively new, with this being its only known leak. Authentic data improves your reputation within the forum community, which can lead to more data sales in the future.

Rakesh Krishnan, senior threat analyst at NetEnrich, estimates that the data was likely accessed at least a month before it appeared on the forum.

Yash Kadakia, founder of Security Brigade, urges a thorough investigation and improved security. However, he predicts that the company may choose to deny the problem.

The data is currently priced at eight credits on some forums, which is equivalent to two euros, indicating that it may soon circulate freely on platforms such as Telegram, fueling various scams.

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BoAt data breach can result in loss of customer trust, legal consequences and reputational damage. It highlights the urgent need for companies to implement strict security measures and proactive approaches to protect customer data and minimize risks.


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