Xiaomi is working on the new Xiaomi 14T series, and details about the device have been discovered by the Android headlines team in Xiaomi HyperOS source code.

This series comprises two models: Xiaomi 14T and Xiaomi 14T Pro.

Xiaomi 14T Pro

The Xiaomi 14T Pro appears to be a rebranded version of the Redmi K70 Ultra, as indicated by the shared codename “rothko” in the HyperOS code. Both the devices are likely to have similar specifications.

The Xiaomi 14T Pro will have an internal model number of “N12”, which distinguishes it from its predecessor, the Xiaomi 13T Pro, which had a model number of “M12”. The device will be powered by the Dimensity 9300 SoC.

However, there are distinctions between the two models. Unlike the Redmi K70 Ultra, the Xiaomi 14T Pro will support wireless charging. In addition, the Xiaomi 14T Pro will feature a telephoto camera, unlike its counterpart's macro camera.

The Xiaomi 14T Pro is expected to hit global markets, with the model numbers “2407FPN8EG”, “2407FPN8ER” and “A402XM” indicating different regional variants.

Xiaomi 14T

The Xiaomi 14T, codenamed “degas”, is set to deliver a distinct user experience. Replicating its Pro counterpart, it appears in the HyperOS source code with the internal model number “N12A”.

The global market will welcome this device, with the model numbers “2406APNFAG” and “XIG06” signaling its availability.

The two Xiaomi 14T series models are expected to have similar specifications but different chipsets, following the trend of the previous T series releases.

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For example, while the Xiaomi 13T and 13T Pro shared identical cameras and battery capacities, the 14T series is likely to follow suit.

Expected release dates

The Redmi K70 Ultra is slated for a Chinese debut in August, and the Xiaomi 14T series is expected to follow suit in September.


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