Utility Stores Company of Pakistan (USCP) is a Pakistani state-owned utility company operating across the country, with low government subsidies. Provide essential goods at public market prices. It is the largest department store in the country with 5,939 stores. Utility Stores Corporation is governed by a Board of Directors and chaired by a President.

Eligibility criteria

The Pakistani government launched a rebate program for the poor. According to the law, food discounts will be given to the poor. You can check your eligibility to benefit from this policy. The eligibility criteria are as follows:

  • Families living below the poverty line are eligible for the Ehsaas ration subsidy scheme.
  • Monthly income should be less than 20,000 rupees.
  • The poverty rate must be less than 25%.
  • The family must not have a bank account.
  • The land must not exceed two hectares.
  • Applicants must not have a passport.

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Online registration for USC Pakistan

If you want to register with Ehsaas 5566 utility products. So you've come to the right place. You can see the entire registration process here. To sign up for the Utility Store, complete a few simple steps.

  • To join the Utility Store 5566you must send a message from your SIM card.
  • You can enroll in this program through mobile number and CNIC.
  • First of all, log in to your mobile phone inbox
  • Send your CNIC number to 5566.
  • You will receive a message about your grant eligibility.
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USC Pakistan Registration Code

If you want to get a discount from a utility store and you want to know what a utility store is. So remember that 5566 is a code for the utility store. You can enroll in the program by submitting your CNIC number. This way, you can get discounts on food.

Last update

You can register online from home through Ehsaas Rashan Riayat. BISP Chairperson Shazia Murree announced the reopening of the Ehsaas Ration Card Scheme. In this way, the poor can get discounts on their food. With these schemes, you will get discounts on household staples like ghee, sugar and pulses.

Food subsidy

If you have not joined the utility store then send your CNIC to 5566. After joining this scheme you will get a 10 kg bag of wheat flour from Pakistan government for Rs.648. Sugar will get Rs 100 per kg, while ghee will get Rs 100 per kg. Rs 353 per kg. In addition, you can benefit from discounts of up to 20% on beans and rice.

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Utility Stores Corporation (USC) has requested the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) to expand the BISP portfolio to help more citizens through the upcoming aid package for Ramadan 2024. To ensure that no one in the country falls into confusion, USC has asked in its letter BISP will take significant steps to enroll more citizens in its registry so that more citizens can voluntarily enjoy the benefits of the Ramadan program of the USC platform.

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