Great news for Punjabi learners! After a break of seven years, Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif declared the return of the beloved laptop scheme. The goal of this program is to provide laptops to deserving students so they can continue their studies. Everything you need to know about CM Punjab Laptop Scheme latest update will be covered in this blog article including eligibility requirements and application procedure.

What is CM Punjab Laptop Scheme?

The Punjab government has launched the CM Punjab Laptop Scheme to provide laptops to deserving students attending public colleges and universities in the province. The aim of this program is to close the digital divide and provide students with the resources they need for their training and future work.

characteristic Details
goal Provide laptops to deserving students of Punjab
New update Restart after 7 years, aimed at public sector students
Laptops to distribute Approximately 100,000 laptops
Eligibility criteria Public university students, first year BS/B.Sc. programs, based on merit
Application process Online registration and submission of documents

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What's new in the 2024 update?

While official details are still awaited, here's what we know so far according to the news:

  • Revival after a hiatus: The scheme is restarting after a seven-year hiatus. This is good news for the students who were eagerly waiting for such an initiative.
  • Focus on public sector students: The scheme is likely to prioritize students enrolled in public sector universities and colleges in Punjab.
  • Numbers Game: Reports suggest that the government intends to distribute around 100,000 laptops to deserving students.
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Who is eligible?

Eligibility requirements can be estimated using previous programs and media coverage, even in cases where official information is still pending. The program will likely target students at specific academic levels; first-year or first-semester students pursuing a four-year BS/B.Sc. degrees can be the main focus. Preference may be given to students majoring in technology, engineering, veterinary science, agriculture, medicine or dentistry.

Eligibility may also be determined by academic success, which may require a solid record with at least 60% in the annual exam system or 70% in the semester system. These requirements are intended to ensure that deserving students have opportunities for financial aid and support as they work toward their academic goals.

How to apply

The official application process is expected to be accessible online, similar to previous iterations of the program, although it has not yet been made public. Punjabi government may launch a dedicated website or online application gateway. Students will most likely register on the website by providing their personal details and academic information.

It may be necessary to upload scanned copies of required documents such as ID cards, academic transcripts and acceptance letters. Once the deadline for submission of applications has ended, a selection committee is expected to evaluate the applicants based on their qualifications and merits. After being shortlisted, students will receive notices from their institutions or online.


The revival of the CM Punjab Laptop program is a positive development to promote digital literacy and support students in their academic pursuits. Stay tuned to the official government channels for the most updated details on the eligibility conditions and application procedure. If you would like more information specific to your university, we suggest you contact the administration. By providing laptops, this program can help deserving children learn from the Internet, achieve academic success, and prepare for bright futures.

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Frequently asked questions

Q: When will the application process begin?

A: The official announcement about the application process is yet to be made. Keep an eye on official government websites and news channels for updates.

Q: Is there an age limit to be eligible?

A: There is no official confirmation about the age limits. However, the scheme is likely to target students enrolled in degree programmes.

Q: Can students from private universities apply?

A: Based on previous schemes, the focus was on public sector institutions. However, official information about eligibility for private universities is awaited in 2024 update.

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