At Rs. 5 billion in subsidy is set aside by the Punjab Finance Department to help Metro Bus and Orange Line users. The aim of this funding is to provide lower travel costs, which will reduce the burden on people who commute every day. An efficient and transparent online disbursement of the subsidy to the Mass Transit Authority is planned.

Key points

  • Allocation of grants: Rs. 5,000 million are given to people who travel on the Metro Bus and the Orange Train.
  • The goal is to provide travelers with affordable transportation options.
  • Payment: The mass transit authority receives the grant through an internet system.
Key points Details
Allocation of grants The Punjab Finance Department allocates Rs. 5 billion subsidy for Metro Bus and Orange Line Train users, with the aim of providing affordable transport options and easing the daily burden of commuting.
Implementation Grant disbursed to Mass Transit Authority online; crucial grant to improve public transport accessibility; ongoing plans for further transport infrastructure improvements, including metro bus and underground train projects in Lahore.

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Orange Line Metro (OLMT)

One of Punjab's major infrastructure projects under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is the Orange Line Metro Train (OLMT). For its contributions to public transport, this project has won recognition, including the “Brands Icons of Pakistan 2023” award. Built by China North Industries Corporation and China Railway Group Corporation, it was officially inaugurated as Pakistan's first urban mass rapid transit train on 25 October 2020 in Lahore.

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Importance of the grant

The Punjab Finance Department. The subsidy of 5,000 million is essential to increase the accessibility and accessibility of public transport. It is a component of the government's wider plan to improve public transport infrastructure and provide the general public with affordable travel options.

Future plans

Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz chaired a recent meeting where ideas to improve the province's transport system were discussed. This includes setting up metro bus projects in three other Punjabi cities and an underground train project in Lahore. It is expected that these measures will improve connectivity throughout the province and significantly modernize the public transport network.


The government's commitment to provide public transport at reasonable prices is demonstrated by the award of Rs. Subsidy of 5,000 million for Metro Bus and Orange Line Train passengers. Commuters will find journeys more affordable thanks to this grant, which will improve Punjab's public transport system as a whole.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the purpose of the Rs. 5 billion in subsidies?
The subsidy aims to provide discounted travel options for passengers using Metro Bus and Orange Line Train services in Punjab.

When was the Orange Line Metro inaugurated?
On October 25, 2020, the Orange Line Metro was inaugurated in Lahore.

Who built the Orange Line Metro?
The train was built by China Railway Group Corporation and China North Industries Corporation as part of the CPEC initiative.

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