The Punjab Bike Scheme, launched by Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz, will distribute petrol and motorcycles to 2,000 students across Punjab. The registration process for the scheme was completed a week ago and now the Punjab government is notifying the shortlisted candidates. They can look up your name on your list and provide your motorcycle. If you are not yet registered, you can find your name on the program website. To register, you must have submitted your application. The scheme is only available to those who have completed their registration. Punjab Government is informing the selected candidates about the process.

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The program offers 2,010 motorcycles and 72,000 students have applied. Of these, 57,000 have been received, while about 15,000 have not yet been received. More information and details can be found here. Unfortunately, no one will receive a motorcycle.

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Outline overview Punjab Bike Scheme launched by Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz to distribute motorcycles to 2,000 students in Punjab. Registration is complete and shortlisted candidates are being notified.
Eligibility and registration 72,000 students applied, 57,000 applications received. Check eligibility and registration status on the scheme's website. Only those who have completed registration are eligible.

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Punjab Bicycle Program 2024

Motorcycle distribution will start soon in Punjab. Applications are being reviewed and registered lists are issued. Those who have completed the registration process can view their credentials. If you haven't, follow the steps. Please submit all information before registering to determine if you are included in the program. For more details, visit the website. If you've already completed the registration process, follow the simple steps to view your information and determine your eligibility.

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Listing Announcement by Maryam Nawaz

The Punjab Register Punjab Bike Scheme, under the supervision of Chief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz, has created lists of eligible candidates. Upon registration, individuals will not receive monthly financial assistance but will be able to obtain a motorcycle. The scheme offers easy steps to get a bike on installments, as confirmed by Nawaz herself. Scheme lists are created to ensure that the motorcycle reaches those who are entitled to it. Eligible candidates can view the list of eligible candidates and after verification be informed if they are included in the program. The scheme will be initiated by Cm Punjab Maryam Nawaz.


This article provides information on how to register at home for a motorcycle program and how to register your children. The procedure for obtaining information and details about the program is also described. The article also provides information on how to join the program and access all the necessary information. For more details, the website is provided. If you are not part of the program, you can find all the details on the website. The article aims to provide comprehensive information in simple language.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I check my eligibility?

Answer: Visit the Punjab Bike Scheme website and search for your name in the list.

What if my name is on the list?

Answer: Follow the instructions on the website to verify and obtain your motorcycle.

What if I didn't register?

Answer: Complete your registration on the scheme website.

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