Punjab, under the leadership of Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif, is going to build 100,000 houses for low-income families. With the help of this innovative project, needy people in society will be uplifted and given access to affordable and environmentally friendly housing.

Object of the Scheme

This program aims to strengthen society in addition to building houses. While building houses, Chief Minister Punjab highlighted the value of sustainability by using high quality materials. In order to provide residents with better access to services, the construction of houses near the city's perimeter was oriented.

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Implementation plan

According to Maryam Nawaz, when building a house, special attention should be paid to durability and the use of high-quality materials. According to Maryam Nawaz, housing should be located near cities for the convenience of consumers. The desire of thousands of people in Punjab to own their own homes has been buried,

Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz highlighted the need for a comprehensive plan to carry out the construction of 100,000 houses during a recent meeting held in Lahore. The Pakistani government has decided to build more than 3000 houses in each of the districts of Punjab, ensuring a fair distribution of opportunities and resources.

Eligibility requirements

The following requirements must be met to apply for your housing.

  • The DNI of the applicant must be present and valid.
  • You have to live in Punjab.
  • The applicant's family income should not exceed fifty thousand rupees per month.
  • The applicant cannot previously own a house or land.
  • The age of the candidate should not exceed 55 years.
  • never received the desired plot from the Punjab government.
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Name of the schema Apni Chat Apna Ghar Scheme
Announced by Punjab Govt
Number of houses 100,000
Objective of the Scheme Provide affordable and sustainable housing for low-income families
Construction focus High quality materials, strategic location near the city
Implementation plan Comprehensive plan discussed at Lahore meeting
District Assignment More than 3000 houses per district in Punjab


The Punjab government is initiating revolutionary efforts to improve communities and raise the standard of living in Punjab. These creative efforts demonstrate the government's dedication to social welfare and inclusive development, offering the people of Punjab hope for a better future.

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Frequently asked questions

How many houses will be built under this scheme across Punjab?

The government will build 100,000 houses under this scheme across Punjab.

How many houses will be built in each district of Punjab?

More than 3000 houses will be built in each district of Punjab.

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