The government is all set to start the registration for the PM laptop program, which will prompt many students to inquire about the eligibility. This article provides comprehensive information on eligibility, guidance and eligibility assessment. Students can easily assess their eligibility and if they meet the criteria, they can receive a free laptop from the government. The article is designed to help students understand their eligibility and apply for the laptop program. For more information, please refer to the provided article.

Outline of Prime Minister's laptops and their features

The Prime Minister Laptop Scheme is an initiative of the Government of Pakistan, initiated under the supervision of the Prime Minister, with the aim of distributing laptops to male and female students based on their educational qualifications, enabling them to continue their education as per modern global requirements. The program also aims to eradicate poverty and promote modern education.

The program aims to eradicate poverty by providing laptops to students, enabling them to create online employment opportunities, thereby contributing to the government's efforts to eradicate poverty. This will probably arouse curiosity among students

period Description
purpose Provide laptops to students at public universities, promoting education and the eradication of poverty.
Eligibility criteria Includes students in higher education, excludes those without complete educational data or non-residents.
Application process Apply online through government portal, no other methods are accepted.
Expected impact Boost online job opportunities, helping poverty reduction efforts.
Availability of updates Apply online through government portal, no other methods are accepted.

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Eligible students 2024

Eligibility for the scholarship scheme:

  • Students studying in public universities of institutions recognized by HEC.
  • Students pursuing Ph.D., MS, MPhil. or equivalent programs of 18 years.
  • Students enrolled in four- or five-year degree programs.
  • Students enrolled in MBA programs (3.5 years, 2.5 years, 1.5 years).

Ineligible students

Eligibility criteria for the laptop scheme:

  • Students without complete educational data.
  • Non-permanent residents of Pakistan.
  • Convicted of any illegal offence.
  • Students receiving laptops from the previous phase of the scheme.
  • Students who do not submit the application online.
  • Students from higher education centers in the private sector.
  • Students completing degree programs at the time of laptop distribution.
  • Students without required documents are also not eligible.

How to Apply for PM Laptop Scheme 2024

Students interested in getting a laptop can submit their application through the special portal of the government of Pakistan,, which is exclusively online and should not depend on any other method.


The government of Pakistan is planning to launch the registration of a laptop scheme soon, which will prompt many students to check the eligibility criteria. The article provides detailed information on eligibility criteria, allowing students to submit their applications during the registration process. Any updates on the scheme will be available on the government website. Students can expect to know more about the scheme benefits and eligibility criteria.

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Frequently asked questions

Q: Is the PM Laptop scheme real?

A: Yes! The Pakistani government provides laptops to students, but there are eligibility requirements.

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Q: Who can get a free laptop?

A: Students from public universities or HEC-approved institutions enrolled in Bachelor's, Master's, PhD or similar programs may be eligible.

Q: Am I automatically eligible if I meet those requirements?

A: Not necessarily. There may be specific academic requirements or limitations on who can apply (for example, you have not already received a laptop from the program).

Q: How do I know if I am eligible?

A: The exact criteria will be announced on the official website:

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