Similar to the BISP initiative, which the Pakistani government launched to provide financial support to the poor. Similarly, the Pakistani government has launched the 8171 Ehsaas program, which provides relief to the poor every three months or as needed, based on the needs of the region. Possession of an ID card is a prerequisite for eligibility. Your registration and eligibility verification can only work with it. You must register there and verify your eligibility for the Ehsaas program of the Government of Pakistan if you reside in a region where you have started.

Ehsaas program eligibility verification

The Pakistani government developed this initiative to help the poor and give money to individuals, needy families or widows. If they cannot get jobs, the Pakistani government helps with this program. Also, even if you have a modest income, you may still qualify for this program. However, to find out if you qualify for this program, make sure you are eligible. Accordingly, you will be eligible to receive assistance from the Pakistani government by registering for this program. You must send your ID number to 8171. As soon as you send your ID number, 8171. You will receive information about your eligibility for this program.

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Check eligibility through CNIC

Through the Ehsaas initiative, the Pakistani government has developed an online site that will be accessible. On clicking, an interface with the text “enter CNIC” will appear in front of you. Possession of an ID card is a prerequisite for eligibility. It may only work to verify your eligibility to register with it. You can only type your phone number in this field; otherwise, leave it blank. Just enter the number on your ID; you will see some numbers below to confirm that you are human. Click check eligibility and find out yours.

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Ehsaas Program Office

You can complete your registration and monitor your progress through the Ehsaas program office. You must go to your local Ehsaas program office to review your registration and verify your eligibility. You can check your registration status there so you can come to the office with any issues and have them resolved quickly.

topic Summary
Eligibility requirement Be in possession of the DNI (CNIC)
Verification method Text CNIC number to 8171 to verify eligibility
Online verification Visit the Ehsaas program website, enter the CNIC number and complete a verification process


The aim of this program is to help the poor; so if you are new, have already joined or are about to sign up, you should keep this in mind. You can read the above here to verify your eligibility requirements at home before coming to the office to complete your registration.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the firm objective of the 8171 Ehsaas Program?

The aim of this program is to help the poor.

Can you check your eligibility for 8171 program using CNIC?

Yes, you can check your eligibility through CNIC.

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