Meta has unveiled the launch of 'Meta AI', powered by Meta Llama 3. This new AI assistant is billed as the smartest yet and is now accessible in multiple countries via Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger.

Improvements with Meta Flame 3

Meta boasts that with the latest advancements in Meta Flame 3, Meta AI is smarter, faster and more entertaining. Here's what it offers:

1) Miscellaneous assistance: Meta AI can help with various tasks, from suggesting restaurants with specific preferences to explaining complex concepts like hereditary traits. It can even help generate inspiration for home decor.

2) Personalized support: Whether it's solving math problems or perfecting professional emails, Meta AI offers tailored assistance. Also, you can save your conversations for future reference.

3) Integrated search: Meta AI integrates seamlessly into the search features of Meta apps. Users can access real-time information without switching apps, simplifying tasks like planning trips or finding information within group chats.

4) Accessibility to the feed: Meta AI is accessible while browsing the Facebook feed. Users can request more information directly from posts, improving their browsing experience.

5) Meta AI on desktop: In addition, Meta AI will be accessible through the website, extending its reach to computer users.

Meta AI Imagine function

Meta introduces the Imagine feature, which allows real-time image generation from text input. Users can witness images evolve as they type, with sharper quality and better text inclusion.

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From event decor to outfit inspiration, Meta AI facilitates faster and superior image generation, along with animation options and style iteration.

Integration of Meta AI in WhatsApp

Meta says it has conducted limited testing on WhatsApp over the past six months, facilitating one-on-one and group conversations with Meta AI, along with the creation of AI stickers.

Features of Meta AI in WhatsApp

Search or ask Meta AI: Users can now seamlessly ask Meta AI questions directly from the search function within their chats. By simply typing, Meta AI offers suggestions or allows users to ask their questions directly.

The AI ‚Äč‚Äčassistant provides answers on a wide variety of topics, including sports, entertainment and current events, from leading search providers.

Instant image and video generation: Imagine an image and watch it appear instantly. With Meta AI, users can see images revealed in real-time with just a few keystrokes. In addition, users can even request the creation of videos related to their search queries.

In addition, Meta says it is actively expanding the accessibility of Meta AI within WhatsApp, allowing more users to seamlessly explore its functionality.

Qualcomm Partnership: Bringing Meta Llama 3 to devices

Meta has teamed up with Qualcomm Technologies to optimize the performance of Meta Llama 3 on various devices such as smartphones, computers, VR/AR headsets and vehicles.

By enabling Llama 3 to run directly on devices, users can experience faster responses, greater privacy, greater reliability, and more personalized interactions.

This collaboration aims to make advanced AI capabilities available to everyone by integrating Llama 3 into devices powered by upcoming Snapdragon platforms.

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Democratizing generative AI with Snapdragon platforms

Through Qualcomm's powerful heterogeneous computing architecture, which includes top-tier CPUs, GPUs and NPUs, along with cutting-edge memory technology, developers and OEMs can maximize application performance, thermal efficiency and battery life.

Developers can access resources and tools through the Qualcomm AI Hub to optimize Llama 3 on Snapdragon platforms. The Qualcomm AI Hub currently offers about 100 optimized AI models, which simplify the development process and enable the advantages of on-device AI for applications.


Meta AI is expanding its reach outside the United States, launching in more than a dozen countries, including Australia, Canada, Ghana, Jamaica, Malawi, New Zealand, Nigeria, Pakistan, Singapore, South Africa, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

  • Additionally, the Meta AI Imagine feature is rolling out in beta on WhatsApp and the Meta AI web experience in the US.
  • Additionally, Meta AI is available on Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses in the US, with plans to expand to the Meta Quest.

Announcing the update, Meta sent:

In the coming months, we plan to further improve the performance of Meta AI and introduce new creative features to WhatsApp. While there is much to look forward to, we recognize that generative AI may not always be perfect.

We look forward to receiving feedback on your experiences with it. Tag us in Threads to showcase cool images or demonstrate how you're leveraging Meta AI on WhatsApp. Your input is invaluable as we move forward together on this journey.

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