If you live in Punjab, you must know that Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz has launched the massive Kisaan loan scheme, which offers interest-free loans of Rs. 500,000 to farmers. If you are a resident of Punjab, you can register for the Kisan Loan Card, which was introduced by Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz, and join this scheme. By reading the registration method, you can complete your registration. You are also notified of program eligibility. And for those who can't join, all the information is here.

Registration Procedure

You can easily register for the Kisan Loan Program by following the instructions provided if you wish to do so. To begin with, you must visit the Bank of Punjab. There you will receive an application form that you must fill out and submit. After that, you are either enrolled in the program or not. After that, you will receive a notification and information about the application. Participation in Kisan Punjab Loan Scheme entitles you to an easy 30000 per acre.

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Eligible farmers

Considering the large number of such farmers in Punjab. Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz has decided to help people who own land but lack the means to cultivate it through this programme.

Loan Application

You will also receive an application for Kisan Loan Card registration when you visit Punjab Bank. You need to fill it with your information and send it to Bank of Punjab. After that, you will be evaluated and if you are approved for the loan, you will receive it. You can also get a loan of Rs 30,000 per acre for your land. If you have land, you can easily get this loan and develop your land effectively.

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Also, may I inform you that the Kisan Loan Scheme is only open to land owners if you wish to register. You will not be eligible for a loan under the Kisan loan scheme if you do not own your land. If you are a land owner and facing criminal charges, or if your monthly income exceeds one lakh, you will not be eligible. Thus, this loan will not be granted to you. as this loan is only available to poor peasants to cultivate their land and improve their lives. So, you can apply for this loan if you are qualified for it.

Key points content
Registration procedure Visit Bank of Punjab, fill the application form and get notification about the application status.
Eligibility criteria Land owners in Punjab with limited means to cultivate their land are eligible. It is not open to landless people or those with monthly income above one lakh.


In this way, you can simply secure your enrollment for Punjab Kisan Loan. Depending on the size of your land, you can get a loan of Rs 30,000 per acre. In Punjab, Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz started this program specifically.

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Frequently asked questions

How much loan can farmers get per acre?

Based on the land size, farmers can get a loan of Rs 30,000 per acre.

Who launched the Kisan Loan Scheme?

Maryam Nawaz launched Kisan Loan Scheme 2024.

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