Anal sex is one of the most confusing parts of intercourse between heterosexual couples. They tend to think too much about the moral implications, questioning whether or not it is right. In this article, we answer all your questions about anal sex, showing you how to get it right every time.

Does anal sex make me gay?

Of course not. Having anal sex with your partner, who is of the opposite sex, does not make you gay. Just make sure the sex is consensual. Anything done within the boundaries of consensual sex should be valued and loved by couples who love themselves.

You're not doing yourself much good by putting a limit on the type of sex and the pleasure you feel. It's great to be open. Be open with each other and be even more open to exploring each other's bodies.

Will anal sex give me HIV?

I'm answering this because I've seen this one too many times in emails and on Quora. Every time I see it, I can't help but laugh. Funny how we need more sex education.

No, anal sex cannot give you HIV. Having anal sex with someone who has HIV can give you HIV. However, the chances of getting HIV when you have anal sex are higher. And this is because of the anatomical shape of the anus.

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The anus does not have a double layer of epithelium. It only has a single layer, so viruses and germs can get through easily, and this includes even HIV.

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Will anal sex hurt?

It really shouldn't. But I will say yes, taking into account many other things, such as anal muscle tension and contractions during sex.

Since this is your first time, it might hurt because your anxiety is going to make you feel tense. And as a result, you will contract your muscles, which in turn will send signals to your brain; these signs will be interpreted as pain.

You may not feel hurt by keeping calm and cool. You should also use lube. Having sex without lube is almost like asking for pain. You don't need pain. You need pleasure. Which brings me to my next question:

Will I have an orgasm with anal sex?

Yes, you probably do. Many women have experienced orgasms while having anal sex. The reason is that anal sex also sends waves of pleasure through our bodies.

Women like Anabel have said they have more orgasms when they have anal sex than when they have regular sex.

“I feel full to the brim as if my body were on fire. It is a feeling I cannot describe. It is one to feel. Usually one is unable to describe everything one feels.”

Will my man enjoy it?

Most likely yes. He will be You may even enjoy vaginal sex more than you like because the anal canal is tighter than the vaginal canal in most women.

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So yes, your man is going to enjoy anal sex. However, you should not do it for him. You should do it for yourself. Do you want to enjoy anal sex yourself? Do it for you.

How to have anal sex

1. Start slow: Anal plugs help

I don't just dive straight into having anal sex. Introduce it slowly. Over time Until your mind and your body start to accept it.

One of the best ways to introduce yourself to anal sex is by using anal plugs. Anal plugs are small bedroom toys that fit into the anus. They are soft and round or oval and give a feeling of fullness.

Most women who have anal sex admit that they start to love it after they start using anal plugs.

Jennifer said: “Anal plugs did magic for me. I put them on once during sex. And at that moment, I knew I would really love anal sex.”

Daria agrees with Jennifer, saying, “I used to be terrified of butt plugs and anal sex until I tried it for the first time. It was amazing.”

2. Choose the right lubricant

The right lube when having anal sex is just as important as your man's penis during sex. What I mean is that sex can't happen without a penis, anal sex can't happen without a lube. Except in cases where the woman is turned on by the pain anyway.

Anal sex without lube is sure to hurt.

Your best lubricant options are water-based lubricants. These do not break condoms. They also have this texture on your man's penis and anal area that you will love. They are also quite easy to wash.

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3. Start slow

Everything about anal sex has to start slowly. Your man should not walk right into you. You should start with some foreplay and then pull the butt plug, after rubbing some lube on your wife's anus and start pushing your penis inside her.

It usually cannot be done with the first stroke maneuver when you are having anal sex. Get the first move right and your woman will surely feel the intensity that anal sex brings.

4. Best position for anal sex

Some of the best positions for anal sex are:


The missionary position is usually the best starting position because it is intense. And more than that, you can watch your partner's face, knowing when they feel the slightest discomfort.

The puppy:

The doggy position is also great for having anal sex. It is very intense and less likely to hurt. Even better, you can see what you're doing and try even harder not to cause pain.

The cowgirl:

Return to this position when you get used to anal sex. It's usually awesome.

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