The aim of Ehsaas Rashan CNIC Check Online program is to give rations to the poor and deserving. The Punjab government runs this program, giving free Rashans to deserving families so that they can live comfortably. This program provides Rashan which consists of everyday items like flour, sugar, ghee and oil. Now great news has emerged for those who belong to worthy but poor families. The good news is that the government has decided to restore the Rashan program, so 8 lakh people will get a budget of 100 billion rupees. You only need to complete a few simple steps to complete the registration process for this program.

Registration form Home

To wrap up the registration process, I would like to inform those who want to that the government has started accepting online registrations for the Rashan program. To complete their online registration, these people can visit the official website of Ehsaas program and apply. If they are qualified after applying, they will receive an SMS and be entitled to a special discount of up to 4,500 on the purchase of rations.

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Ehsaas Rashan Eligibility Criteria

The Ehsaas Rashan Program has established eligibility requirements; if you meet them, you will receive Rashan in addition to participation in the program. A few simple steps are provided.

  • You are also informed of the eligibility requirements in this article.
  • Your poverty score must be less than 30%.
  • He didn't get a bank loan.
  • You have no criminal record and have not traveled abroad.
  • Do not do any business.
  • If you do not work for the government, your monthly income should not exceed thirty thousand rupees.
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topic Details
Name of the program Ehsaas Rashan Program
goal Provide rations to deserving and impoverished families by offering essential commodities like flour, sugar, ghee and oil
Government initiative A program run by the Punjab government, which allocates a budget of Rs 100 billion to support 8 lakh people

8171 Ehsaas Rashan Program

The government has also established a code for people who are unable to complete the online registration process. By using this code, these people can finish the registration process. Let me explain how to use this code to finish the registration process.

  • You must first open the message box on your mobile device.
  • Write a new SMS now.
  • No, you must enter your ID number in the SMS.
  • Make sure there are no dashes of any kind when entering the ID number.
  • You will need to send the ID number to 8123 after writing it down.
  • Within a few minutes, you will receive a reply SMS.
  • Your eligibility will also be disclosed to you in the SMS reply you receive.

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To which number do I have to send my ID number?

You will need to send the ID number to 8123 after writing it down.

How much poverty index do I need to apply for this program?

Your poverty score must be less than 30%.

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