Have you ever thought of writing a poem for your man? Whether you're new to poetry or not, these 10 erotic poems are amazing and easy to understand. Send them to your man and make him love you like he never has in a long time.

Do you love me as bad as I love you?
I'll tell you a secret:
My throat longs for the touch of your shaft,
So that I gag and my eyes turn red.
I will look at you and smile,
And with a tongue, I will wipe the spit from my lips.
I know you love sloppy.
Careless is easy,
And this is how I want your life to be.
Let me sit on top of you and bring you
In a world of my fantasies.
In this world, there's only you and me,
and there's the growl in your throat
as I rock my groin over yours.
The locals must hate it when I'm here.
I don't care
I just care that everything I do brings you closer
To an orgasm, to be able to see your body
Try to detach yourself from your soul.
can i call you daddy
Do you promise to love me tenderly?

Fuck me, slow.
Hell, no.
Fuck me like a bitch. Fuck me like nothing else matters;
Fuck me like you'd rather hear me scream than cry.
I seek comfort in your arms and
in the awareness that pleasure beats in your head.

I will bend in a bow,
So that my spine is like a concave lens…
short sighted Let me correct your flaws.
I'm gonna throw my ass back while you fuck me from behind.
What is the world like behind me?
Do you like my ass to go through you like a beautiful dough?
Are you afraid to hold on?
please hug me Please talk to me.
Please pull my hair and ask me who my father is,
So I scream your name and melt
Your soft touches when you emptied yourself into me.
I love you. There is no world where you
you are not my king

I can tell that the wind and the walls are sick of seeing us together;
the wind must be tired of carrying my cries,
and the walls must find ways to close their ears.
In this world, there's only us, and I love you every step of the way.

Slow and soft music in the background.
Start slowly; you look at me and smile
I put my hand on your chin and then I did it
Up to the chest
I caress your left nipple, drawing circles.
Then there's the bulge along your pants.
I see it, and I reach out to hold it.
She throbs, resisting my first touch.
But I'm kind, so I wet my hand with lube and started stroking.
You have trouble keeping a smile,
But he does not resist the pleasure.
I get off the bed and crouch down on the two needs in your pelvis.
Then I push you into my mouth, licking the thin line separating your cap from your shaft.
I love you more than anything, and I show it by fucking you like the bitch you want me to be.
Speak louder. I want to hear you moan.
I want to see you grab my hair and pull it.
I want the beauties of what we share to bloom like flowers in the spring.
Can we take this to the bathroom, where the pittas and pattas of water rage through our bodies?
Pluck these fruits from my lips with yours.
Let me be the whore you love.

In this place, I remember what it means to fly.
The last time you were inside me, I felt the butterflies bubbling up inside me,
And when you closed my eyes, I felt them escape my throat like loud moans.
At that moment, nothing mattered, not the neighbors, not the guy who asked about you as if he was looking for me.
The only thing that really mattered was you,
And the things you do to my body;
How do you break it into many pieces and then put it back together
Like a potter
I like to rub my arms over your muscles and smile because I know they hold me well.
Hold me and prevent me from running away;
You should know your dick is good because it makes me cum:
A good dick makes any woman athletic,
who tries, but can't escape the furious pleasure.
Do you love me as much as you say?
If so, test it by spitting on my lips and holding my throat.
Hold me, daddy.

I love you.
I love the perks of your loyalty
And I love it when I have to swallow.
Give me milk, daddy.

The thing about having a father like you is that
I can be me and seek pleasure without fear of being judged.
You loved me like love was the only thing
Language you know how to speak.
You taught my body to understand it fluently,
And now I ask you to rub the ridge inside my vagina.
Rub it with the lid of your penis.
How do we do this?
Can I sit on top of you like I'm a queen?
call me queen so please
Can I take you to my court?

hold me close Love me, tender.
Let your hands guide me to pleasure
One finger at a time.
I think I can take two of your fingers now;
They are the ones who prepare me for the arrival of your beautiful stick.
I love how you love me and even more,
I love how you help me love you.

please fuck me like you mean it


Erotic poetry is truly beautiful. You should send your man something.

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