The Pakistani government has started registration for the service of persons with disabilities through the Ehsaas program. The program requires participants to complete a survey prior to registration, which can be done through a mobile service. The survey will be conducted by a door-to-door bus. Eligibility for registration is determined by completing the survey and providing full information such as shorty card number, phone number and home details. A wheelchair mark on the ID card is required for registration. After registration, participants will be informed and receive financial assistance. For more information, visit the Ehsaas program website.

Program for people with disabilities Ehsaas

The Pakistani government plans to introduce the Ehsaas program in 2024 to improve the lives of people with disabilities. The program aims to help families who have not received financial assistance and have weak economic conditions. The ID of a person with a disability will indicate their disability status, which will allow them to receive a monthly allowance. This initiative aims to improve their overall quality of life and provide equal opportunities for a healthy life. The program will also benefit the poor and deserving by enabling them to come together and improve their lifestyle. The initiative aims to improve the lives of people with disabilities and their families.

key point Description
Ehsaas program for people with disabilities It provides monthly assistance of Rs 7000 to persons with disabilities; requires a disability survey and registration via ID with wheelchair mark.
Eligibility and registration requirements People with disabilities must fill out a survey, have a disability mark on their ID and send their ID number to 8123; visit the Ehsaas website for more information.

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Ehsaas Program Payment 8171 (7000)

The Pakistani government has announced a program 8171 Ehsaas, which will release a quota of 7000 rupees for people with disabilities. This program aims to help the deserving poor and disabled by providing monthly assistance. To register, people must follow simple steps and provide complete information about their disability. If you are not registered yet, you can follow these steps for help. If you're still having trouble, you can find more information on how to receive your money if you're disabled.

How to receive a fee of 7000

A monthly stipend of Rs 7,000 has been reserved for persons with disabilities in Punjab:

  • Amount of the subsidy: 7000 rupees per month
  • Eligibility: Valid disability ID card required
  • Application process: Text your disability ID card number to 8123.
  • Helping others: You can also request a friend who has a disability ID with the wheelchair symbol. Just text your ID number to 8123.


The article explains that people with disabilities can now access financial assistance through the Ehsaas program, which provides a subsidy of seven thousand rupees to eligible families. This new aid is available to 40 million families, the new beneficiaries being those already enrolled in the Ehsaas program.

To receive the money, families must visit the Ehsaas program campsite and present their ID. Money can be transferred to your accounts. More information and details can be found on the Ehsaas program website, eliminating the need to visit other programs. This new help is available to 40 million families who have completed their registration.

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Frequently asked questions

How can people with disabilities register for the Ehsaas program?

People with disabilities can register by completing a survey conducted by a door-to-door bus service. They must provide their CNIC number, phone number and home details, and have a wheelchair mark on their ID.

What is the purpose of Ehsaas program for disabled people?

The program aims to provide financial assistance to people with disabilities and improve their quality of life by offering monthly assistance and ensuring equal opportunities.

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