The purpose of the Benazir Income Support Program is to help the needy and poor. The initiative aims to support deserving low-income families through the allocation of funds. 2008 was the implementation of the program. There have been several adjustments to the current proposal. The program creates various projects to help people in different ways.

Register with BISP

We can participate in the program and get financial aid because the application process is simple. You must first visit the Benazir Income Support Program office. Bring your ID when you visit the BISP office. If your child attends school, you must get his B-Form certificate. Widows must also bring their spouse's documentation to the Benazir Income Support Program Office to be eligible for the program.

When a person with a disability visits the Benazir Income Support Program office, they must provide documentation that proves their disability status in order to benefit from financial support and participation in the program. Benazir's income is available to transgender people. Participants must register at the office with an ID that proves their gender identity. It will be registered with NSER. Once registered, you must check your eligibility. If you meet the requirements, help will be provided.

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The program sets out the requirements for your eligibility to receive financial aid. Only the poor and worthy can apply for this program. Plan participants must earn less than Rs 30,000 per month. They can get help and participate in the survey. In addition, elderly people can participate in this program. Students who earn a low monthly salary are also accepted in this program. If the application procedure is clear and precise, transgender people can also apply for this program. People with disabilities will also be able to participate in the initiative and will have preference.

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Why was BISP started?

Also, in response to Pakistan's falling educational standards, a program called BISP 8171 provides monthly scholarships to poor children to help them study. The Benazir Development Program also aims to prevent diabetes and polio in Pakistani children and pregnant women. It also helps families in times of need. Under this program, numerous more modest efforts are being initiated to help people.

Eligibility requirements
– Monthly income less than 30,000 rupees
– Widows require the spouse's documentation
– People with disabilities need proof of their disability
– Transgender people need a National Identity Document that reflects their gender identity
– Seniors and low-income students can also apply


The BISP project has been approved by the Pakistani government. This procedure is attended by people in need and with limited resources. And what is the economic amount? If you are in need and want to be eligible for the BISP program. In this way, you will be entitled to both participation in the program and financial aid. You can register for the program yourself; the complete registration procedure is described here.

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Frequently asked questions

Can people with disabilities apply for this program?

Yes, applicants with disabilities are accepted for this program.

Can transgender people apply for this program?

Transgender people can apply for this program.

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