Apple has reopened discussions with OpenAI about using its technology for new iPhone features. These discussions, as reported Bloomberg Mark Gurman, includes possible terms of agreement and integration in iOS 18.

The talks mark renewed dialogue between the companies after minimal activity earlier this year. Apple hasn't made any final decisions regarding partnerships, leaving room for deals with both OpenAI and Google, or even selecting another vendor.

Earlier reports also indicated that the company is in talks with Google about licensing its Gemini chatbot.

Generative AI features in iOS 18

The next iPhone operating system is expected to introduce new features, including those driven by Apple's big language model.

Additionally, Apple is looking to incorporate chatbot-like functionality, potentially similar to OpenAI's ChatGPT or alternatives such as Anthropic's Claude.

Mark Gurman points out that Apple aims to seamlessly integrate its features with better privacy protections than its competitors, as this development comes ahead of Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference, where new AI services and software are likely to be announced.

Last year, Apple CEO Tim Cook expressed interest in OpenAI's ChatGPT, but emphasized a cautious approach, citing “a number of issues” that need to be addressed. He promised that new AI features will be introduced “considerately” into Apple devices.

According to Gurman, partnering with outside companies could accelerate Apple's chatbot efforts and mitigate risks. Outsourcing generative AI functions can reduce platform responsibilities.

More information on Apple's AI strategy is expected at WWDC in June, along with major software breakthroughs.

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