Following the success of the Negahban Ramadan pack, the Punjab government has decided to introduce the Negahban card. The Punjab government claims that 64 deserving and low-income families in the province will get financial support through this card. Top Punjabi government officials claim that recommendations have been made to provide twelve thousand rupees to deserving families three times a year. The Punjab government has been given a scheme created by the social welfare department.

How to get Negahban card?

If you want to talk about getting this card, let me tell you that the government has yet to fix a procedure because the Punjab government is still working on the Nighaban card. You can see all the data on the same page when the government introduces a simple approach. In next month or two, Punjab government will give this card to all deserving and low income families. After that, anyone in need of financial support will be eligible to receive Rs 12,000 every four months.

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Registration process

Like other cards, the Nighban card is now available online through a gateway. If your application is approved, you can use it to complete the registration procedure and obtain the guardian card. Below are the latest registration methods:

  • Visit the official website: Unfortunately, the notification does not mention the website address. You can check the Punjab Government website or wait for an official notification to stay informed.
  • Complete the registration form: Fill out the registration form carefully as soon as you find the website. You will probably need to provide your name, phone number, national identity card number and other required information.
  • Verification and accreditation exam: The authorities will assess your record in light of the conditions outlined in the Carer Support Package for eligibility.
  • Validation and dissemination: If found eligible and validated, you will receive three 10kg bags of flour from utility stores, a confirmation and perhaps an Ehsaas Rashan Riayat card (for subsidized items).


The Negahban card program is an important step taken by the Punjab government to fight poverty and provide financial security to deserving families. By emphasizing direct financial assistance, facilitating quick access to funds and combining it with other initiatives, this program has the potential to significantly improve the lives of many Punjabis.

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Frequently asked questions

Where will we get the flour from?

Three 10 kg sacks of flour will be delivered from utility stores.

When will we have all the information about the program?

You can see all the data on the same page when the government introduces a simple approach.

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