To facilitate the registration of 8171 payments received by the government to help the disabled, the Pakistani government has introduced a mobile service. Using this mobile service, the registration of the new mobile 8171 will be completed at your home. People with disabilities will be transported home in a BISP van. where the 8171 BISP program registration process will end.

All the information needed to register people with disabilities in the program is provided in this article on the new mobile registration 8171. You

Pakistan Government Registration 8171

8171 New mobile registration is the method used for the registration of persons with disabilities. If any elderly members of your family qualify for the Benazir Income Support Program, please let them know. However, registering it at the BISP office is a challenge. Therefore, a mobile van can be ordered by calling the portal 8171. Who will pick up disabled people at home?

And they will be sent back home after registering at the BISP office. This mobile service was launched to make it easier for people with disabilities to register and collect money.

program Pakistan 8171 Mobile Registry for Persons with Disabilities
service Mobile vans for home registration
Eligibility For people with disabilities, the BISP program
benefit PKR 4,500 monthly allowance

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8171 A new method to register on mobile

8171 The new mobile registration process is incredibly easy. so that people with disabilities can easily secure their registration. Also you can get benazir kafaalat amount of 10500 by enrolling in benazir program. The Benazir program has contributed significantly to the assistance of the disabled. 8171 There are several methods available to register a new mobile device:

  • You need to text and send a message to the mobile van at 8171 to register elderly family members.
  • The official Benazir hotline will contact you and ask for the full address.
  • for your residential address to receive the mobile van.
  • You will be sent to the mobile van that deals with the elderly.
  • Senior citizens and persons with disabilities will complete the registration process at the Benazir office.
  • People with disabilities can also get home delivery services from mobile vans.
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How much does a disabled person receive through BISP 8171?

In addition, 8171 started providing monthly assistance to people with disabilities. Every person with a disability whose registration is completed. They will have no problem earning 4,500 per month. They will receive two months of installments together if they do not receive their payment in a single month. Also, you can withdraw your money every month from an ATM in your city or from Jazzcash.

Requirements for the New Payment

There are additional requirements set out to purchase BISP 8171 New Payment. so that the BISP 8171 Novo Pago can only be awarded to people who meet the qualification requirements. Under the disabled quota, the following people are eligible for the Benazir wazifa program:

  • All disabled people who have suffered an accidental amputation.
  • Any person with a disability who is blind or has a medical condition.
  • People with disabilities whose families do not have a wage earner.
  • people with disabilities who are not self-employed.

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Frequently asked questions

1. What is the 8171 mobile registration service for people with disabilities?

8171 New Mobile Mobile Registration Service is a mobile initiative of the Government of Pakistan to facilitate the registration of persons with disabilities under the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) at their homes. A BISP van will transport people with disabilities to and from the registration process.

2. How can people with disabilities register for the 8171 BISP program?

People with disabilities or their family members can request a mobile van by sending a message to 8171. The Benazir Hotline will contact you with your address, and the van will pick up and drop off people with disabilities after completing registration at the office of the BISP.

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