Ookla has shared information on how the Samsung Galaxy S24 family compares to previous models in terms of 5G speed and latency during its first few weeks on the market (February 1 to March 24, 2024). This analysis covers several regions of the world, including India.

Ookla examined early data from Speedtest users in 15 countries to assess whether the Galaxy S24 series outperformed Samsung's previous S22 and S23 families in 5G performance. They also compared it to Apple's iPhone 15 family.

5G Performance e comparison in India

In India, the Samsung Galaxy S24 family showed a slight edge in 5G speeds compared to its predecessors. Shortly after their launch, Samsung's latest models topped both 5G download speeds and multi-server latency.

While 5G speeds were impressive across all devices, the Galaxy S24 models achieved the highest average 5G download speed at 302.43 Mbps and the lowest average latency across multiple 5G servers at 41.56 ms.

Galaxy S22 devices showed the slowest speeds in India at 273.78 Mbps, closely followed by the Samsung Galaxy S23 at 279.93 Mbps. The iPhone 15 family had an average 5G download speed of 285.78 Mbps.

Implications for the consumer

For consumers in India currently using S22 devices, upgrading to an S24 model could provide a speed advantage of nearly 30 Mbps, according to this study.

However, given the excellent 5G speeds across all device families and similar speeds between the S22, S23 and iPhone 15 families, users may not notice a significant difference in their 5G experience, according to Ookla.

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Key findings from the Ookla study
  • In a study conducted in 15 countries, the Samsung Galaxy S24 beat the Apple iPhone 15 in 5G download speeds in 7 countries, with small differences in some.
  • Samsung Galaxy S24 had the lowest average 5G multi-server latency in 10 countries, while the iPhone 15 had the highest average 5G latency in the same number of markets.
  • The Galaxy S22 models had the slowest average 5G download speeds in 8 countries, and the Galaxy S23 was the slowest in 4 countries.
  • Galaxy S24 devices had the fastest average 5G charging speed in 13 of the 15 countries analyzed. However, upload speeds ranged from 11.83 Mbps to 66.52 Mbps, with only three countries (South Korea, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates) reaching average 5G upload speeds of 50 Mbps or more.

About its main findings, Ookla said:

Our early findings from Speedtest Intelligence reveal that the latest Galaxy S24 family outperformed its predecessors, especially the S22 models, in terms of 5G speeds in several countries we examined.

While speed variations were marginal in certain regions, the S24 models showed notable speed advantages over previous-generation Samsung devices in markets such as Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, and others.

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