The goal of the e-Rozgaar training program is to teach young people how to work on their own. The program, which came mainly from the Punjab government, helped the youth earn a steady income through the internet. On 13 November 2017, the Institute of Education and Research, University of the Punjab and the Government of Punjab, in collaboration with the Punjab Information Technology Board (PTIB) and the Department of Youth Affairs and Sports, built a laboratory at the institution.

As part of the Institute of Education and Research, the e-Rozgaar Center is now developed. Students from the University of the Punjab, as well as students from other colleges and universities, can apply for eleven certificate programs offered by the e-Rozgaar Center. Help potential independent contractors develop their professional skills by providing them with training. The youth can earn a continuous income through this initiative. Providing children with the opportunity to work independently on the internet as a way of self-employment is one of the main objectives of the project.


  • Graphic Design Diploma (Regular + Weekend)
  • Web Development Certificate (regular + weekend)
  • Electronic commerce certificate
  • Python Certificate for Machine Learning
  • a search engine optimization (SEO) certificate.
  • Artificial Intelligence Certificate

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E-Rozgaar scheme achievements

The Department of Youth Affairs, Sports, Archeology and Tourism (YASAT) and the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) work

together in the E-Rozgaar Training Program. Currently 43 training centers are being set up across Punjab as part of the e-Rozgaar training programme, where unemployed 16-year-olds are given hands-on training in digital and freelance skills. So far, e-Rozgaar has effectively trained more than 38,000 people. After the training, a sample of our former students' confirmed earnings on different online platforms till date is over PKR 6.3 billion. This initiative is a revolution rather than simply a training program that will help create jobs and prepare Pakistan to succeed in the global job market of the future.

Section Description
Introduction Overview of the e-Rozgaar Program and its aim to teach young people about self-employment.
Program details Eligibility criteria and a list of certification programs offered by the e-Rozgaar Center.
Impact and achievements Details on the number of participants trained, the benefits reported and the overall impact of the program.
Conclusion Discussion on future prospects, importance of the program and closing remarks.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the main goal of the e-Rozgaar program?

The goal of the e-Rozgaar training program is to teach young people how to work on their own.

How does the e-Rozgaar program in Punjab contribute to the promotion of self-employment among the youth?

The e-Rozgaar Program plays a crucial role in promoting self-employment among youth, equipping them with the skills, resources and support needed to thrive as self-employed professionals in the digital age.

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