At the Google Cloud Next '24 event, OPPO and OnePlus unveiled their plan to integrate Google's powerful artificial intelligence model, Gemini 1.0 Ultra, into their devices, with the aim of launching Gemini Ultra features on smartphones later this year.

Nicole Zhang, general manager of AI products at OPPO and OnePlus, shared that they have already introduced several models of generative AI to more than ten million users in China, including those using the OPPO Find X7 and OnePlus 12. Both companies discussed what is included :

Four pillars of mobile artificial intelligence

They highlighted four fundamental aspects essential for mobile artificial intelligence: the efficient use of resources, self-learning capabilities, the perception of the real world and the promotion of user creativity.

OPPO and OnePlus are committed to optimizing hardware, operating systems and ecosystems to enhance AI experiences. Collaborations with partners like AI Eraser are ongoing, with a gradual rollout starting this month on OnePlus devices.

Global release of AI features

Powered by AndesGPT LLM from OPPO and OnePlus, AI Eraser promises to transform image editing by seamlessly removing unwanted objects from photos.

Additionally, they are collaborating with Google to integrate various AI products into the cloud, enabling features such as news article summaries and social media content generation.

Pioneering AI initiatives

Both companies have been at the forefront of mobile technology innovation. OPPO's advances in AI-powered photography and OnePlus' Trinity Engine, which enhances phone performance with AI, demonstrate its commitment to push the limits.

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Over the next few years, they plan to introduce more than a hundred AI-generated content experiences, prioritizing user needs and intuitive product design.

Details on the partnership and supported devices will be announced later this year.

Commenting on the collaboration, Nicole Zhang, general manager of AI products for OPPO and OnePlus, said:

Generative AI is a transformative technology, and I am confident that OPPO and OnePlus are in an excellent position to bring its benefits to users around the world. Through our collaboration with Google to integrate Gemini AI and Google Cloud into smartphones, and by creating partnerships with other industry leaders for various AI experiences, we are excited to significantly expand the scope of AI innovations for mobiles

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