The Punjab iPad Programme, launched by Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz, aims to teach children how to use modern technology in all schools in Punjab. This indicates that iPads will be given to all schools in Punjab along with books so that students can adopt the current educational approach and do a better job in the future.

Directions from Maryam Nawaz

A committee appointed by the Punjab government is responsible for determining how long the iPad program should be implemented. To ensure that the iPad program can be implemented in schools across Punjab as quickly as possible, the Chief Minister of Punjab has instructed HEC in this regard. In addition, young people can receive a digital education.

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HEC iPad Schemes Survey

In an effort to launch the iPad program on behalf of the Punjab government, HEC and some schools in the province have started a survey. This survey will demonstrate how much contemporary technology can teach children. If this study proves effective, the Punjab government would implement the iPad program across the province, giving iPads to all students for educational purposes. Currently Punjab Government and HEC are conducting this survey in a small number of schools. In order to collect student feedback on the delivery of digital education through the iPad and make future action plans based on that feedback.

Registration Process for Punjab iPad Scheme

To date, the Punjab government has not instituted a formal registration procedure. Punjab government and HEC are using some cities for iPad scheme trials. If successful, the government should implement a structured budget and registration process for the program. All students enrolled in direct schools will receive these iPads, according to government announcements. All children in Punjab will receive free iPads as part of the iPad programme. Also, you will be charged some money.

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The Punjab government has set requirements for recipients of iPads. Children will receive iPads if they meet eligibility requirements.

  • A child's attendance at school must be over 80% in order to receive an iPad.
  • The young man should have a brilliant academic record.
  • The child must be enrolled in a public school.
  • The child must be able to use an iPad to receive one.
requirement Description
assistance More than 80% school attendance
Academic record Must have a brilliant academic record
School Enrollment Enrolled in a public school
Ability to use an iPad Must be able to use an iPad


The Punjab government has declared that in case the iPad project survey proves fruitful, all schools in Punjab will be equipped with iPads at no cost to the students. in order for them to use digital technology to receive a better education and provide better results in the educational field. The Punjab government has declared that youngsters who excel in school will be given iPads. They consistently show up for their classes in the iPad program at school.

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Frequently asked questions

What must the student's attendance be to receive an iPad?

A child's attendance at school must be over 80% in order to receive an iPad.

Can a private school student get a laptop?

The child must be enrolled in a public school.

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