The 'Nawaz Sharif Kisan Card', which was recently approved by the Punjab government, represents a major breakthrough in the field of agricultural growth. With a budget of Rs 150 billion, this program seeks to empower farmers across the province by giving them easy access to capital and state-of-the-art agricultural tools. This is a detailed description of the project objectives and potential benefits to the agricultural community of Punjab.

Rs. 150 crore loan to Farmer through Kisan card

The Chief Minister today announced that five hundred thousand small farmers would be given easy repayable loans totaling Rs 150 billion while presiding over a special meeting for agricultural reforms in Lahore.

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Benefits for 500,000 farmers

Chief Minister Nawaz gave his approval for the 'Nawaz Sharif Kisan Card' to be issued during the meeting. She stated that the Kisan Card would provide 500,000 farmers with loans of Rs. 150 billion per year on advantageous terms. The best seeds, fertilizers and insecticides will also be bought at thirty thousand rupees per hectare, she said.

Build a model agricultural center by 2024

CM Maryam Nawaz announced during the meeting that a model agriculture center will be built in each district of the province with the assistance of the commercial sector, which will enable farmers to discard fake fertilizers and medicines.

Connect research centers with local universities

During the conference, the establishment of a cutting-edge center of excellence for the development of research on cotton, wheat and rice crops was approved, and the Department of Agriculture was instructed to gather comprehensive information on the supply and demand of each crop. Congress attendees voted to give the council control over administrative decisions and to establish a link between the research center and nearby universities.

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Key points Details
Amount of the loan Rs. 150 billion allocated for loans to 500,000 small farmers through the Kisan Card scheme
objectives Empower farmers by providing easy access to capital and modern farming tools
Agricultural Model Centers Construction of model agriculture centers in each district to ensure quality inputs to farmers


In addition, it was decided to hire 500 agricultural graduates, upgrade the organizational structures of the Punjab Seed Corporation and the Punjab Agricultural Research Board, introduce a bill to ban the use of agricultural land for residential purposes, and equip the Agricultural Extension Wing with state-of-the-art machinery. .

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Frequently asked questions

How many agricultural graduates will be hired for this program?

In addition, it was decided to hire 500 agricultural graduates.

How many farmers will get the benefit of Nawaz sharif Kisan card?

She stated that the Kisan Card would provide 500,000 farmers with loans of Rs. 150 billion per year on advantageous terms.

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