OpenAI has announced that ChatGPT is now accessible to everyone without the need for registration or login. This move aims to democratize AI, making it available to anyone interested in its capabilities, the company said.

The company underscores its commitment to providing widespread access to tools like ChatGPT so people can explore the benefits of AI. Currently, more than 100 million people in 185 countries use ChatGPT weekly for a variety of purposes, including learning, creativity and getting answers.

Regarding data usage, OpenAI mentions that user-provided content can be used to improve its models. Users have the option to disable this feature in their settings.

OpenAI has also implemented additional content safeguards to ensure a safer experience, such as blocking certain requests and generations in various categories.

While emphasizing the advantages of creating accounts, such as saving chat history, sharing chats, and accessing additional features such as voice conversations and personalized instructions, the company acknowledges the convenience of immediate access for those hesitant to set up an account.


ChatGPT is now available instantly without registration, with a gradual rollout expected to reach multiple regions over time.

Announcing the update, OpenAI said,

We're simplifying how people can experience the benefits of AI by eliminating the need to sign up. It is central to our mission to ensure that tools like ChatGPT are widely accessible, allowing everyone to enjoy the benefits of AI.

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