TVS-backed Bengaluru-based Ultraviolette Automotive has launched the F77 Mach 2 electric motorcycle with the tagline 'Activate Flight Mode'. This new updated version comes after the initial release of the F77 in 2022.

Ultraviolet F77 Mach 2

The F77 Mach 2 retains the design of its predecessor, but now offers a variety of color options in three categories:

  • F77 Mach 2 Air Strike (Star White, Supersonic Silver, and Lightning Blue)
  • F77 Mach 2 Laser (Plasma Red, Turbo Red, Afterburn Yellow)
  • F77 Mach 2 Shadow (Stealth Grey, Asteroid Grey, Cosmic Grey)

It features new “F77” graphics on the front forks and an aluminum charging port cover for a more premium feel. However, the overall style remains the same.

In terms of specifications, the F77 Mach 2 retains the 10.3 kWh battery but now offers an increased single charge range of 323 km, 16 km more than before. The 2024 F77 Mach 2 Recon is equipped with a 30 kW engine that produces 40.2 hp and 100 Nm of peak torque.

It accelerates from 0 to 60 kmph in 2.8 seconds and reaches a top speed of 155 kmph, making it the fastest electric motorcycle in India. On the other hand, the standard F77 Mach 2 model has a 27 kW engine and a 7.1 kWh battery, which provides a range of 211 km.

  • Suspension and Brakes: Features 41mm USD front forks, preload adjustable monoshock, single 320mm front and 230mm rear disc brakes mounted on 17-inch wheels.
  • Safety features: Includes dynamic stability control, hill hold assist, ABS, three levels of traction control (rain, city and track) and up to 10 levels of regenerative braking.
  • Advanced Features: Incorporates Hill-Hold feature for mountainous regions, TPMS (optional), “Find my F77” feature, new display themes, on-board navigation system and Delta Watch for enhanced safety.
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Option packages for the F77 Mach 2

Performance Pack and Violette AI The Performance Pack features 10-level regenerative braking with Dynamic Regen and 4-level traction control.

Meanwhile, the Violette AI package offers advanced connectivity features such as a smart technology co-pilot, motion alerts, anti-collision warning system and more.

Prices and availability

The Ultraviolet F77 Mach 2 is priced at Rs. 2,99,000 and the F77 Mach 2 Recon at Rs. 3,99,000 for the first 1,000 bookings, as part of a launch offer.

Deliveries will be to begin next month in 15 cities across India in phases.

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