Telegram is finally introducing a business account feature that offers a variety of business-friendly features for any user. It includes features like business hours, automated messages, quick replies and more. The company also introduced Telegram Bot API 7.2, allowing developers to add commercial features to their bot.

Telegram Business Features

Opening hours and location: Users can set hours of operation and display their location on a map to give customers a quick overview of the operation. The UI will also prominently display the Store/Business Open/Close feature.

Home page

Homepage: Businesses can also have a custom home page that contains text: a tagline about your product/service and stickers. This helps to attract customers/users.

Greeting and absence messages: This allows users to set a default greeting message when customers contact them for the first time. They can specify a period after which a new message will cause your greeting to be sent again. Similarly, users can also set custom opt-out messages when the business is closed.

Quick answers

Quick answers: Quick replies are shortcuts for sending predefined messages that can contain multiple messages and support the format of text, links, stickers, media, and files. This feature is useful when answering repetitive customer queries such as menu, payment, etc.

Color labels: Businesses can add color tags to chats, giving them unique labels based on the chat folders they're in. In this way, companies can track their customers based on priority, status and needs.

Links to chat

Links to chat: This feature allows businesses to create links to predefined chats. When the client taps it, it will open a new chat with a message already set in the input bar. This way, you can create links that create a button to reserve a table or track an order.

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Chatbots for businesses: Businesses can also take advantage of Telegram's powerful bot integration, allowing them to seamlessly integrate existing tools and workflows or add AI assistants that manage their chats. You can consult the Bot manual for more information.


These new business features are only available to Telegram Premium subscribers. The company also promises new features for businesses in upcoming updates.

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