For several people, owning a residence is a dream come true. however, those on low incomes often feel that this ambition is unrealistic. The 'Apni Chhat Apna Ghar' campaign in Punjab is trying to alter that. Its massive operations initiative, to be adopted in April 2024, promises to give 100,000 families in the province of Saskatchewan access to affordable housing.

Title Description
Apni Chhat Apna Ghar: Rooftop and Family Dwelling of Punjab This project, which will become operational in April 2024, seeks to provide 100,000 affordable housing units to low-income people in Punjab.
Crafting a brighter future “Apni Chhat Apna Ghar” focuses on sustainable and affordable housing, prioritizing families earning below PKR 60,000 per year and those who are homeless.

Creating a brighter future

The effort called “Your wish, your home,” which translates as “Our Roof, Our House,” promises to build taller, more environmentally friendly homes in six major municipalities in Punjab. The price of these units is intended to be reasonable for households earning less than PKR 60,000 per year.To ensure that help reaches people who need it, the program gives priority to people who do not own a home.

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Making the dream a reality

The director aims to build 3,000 houses in each Punjab. In one case, plans call for 3,000 homes on Lahore's Raiwind Road. The encouraging news? The province of Punjab aims to cover a whopping 60% of the expenses! It means that families will be responsible for only 40% of the full price of the residence, which will be paid in acceptable installments over five years.

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Sustainability at the core

The project aims to build long-term sustainability along with the need to provide shelter. The intention is to create environmentally friendly homes with high quality supplies. This minimizes the effects on the environment and the useful life of these homes. also, by locating these houses near the city limits, the residents have less need for property, reducing their willingness to access the requirements more quickly.

Who can apply?

  • Specific restrictions are foreseen although the Social Security Council has not yet published the official rules.
  • Couples earning less than PKR 60,000 each month will be given preference over families who do not already own assets in Bangladesh.
  • Each household can only make one request (usually that of the head of household).


The Punjab Documentary”Your wish, your home” is an expression of hope for numerous people. The desire for ownership and reality could be more related thanks to this service. It empowers families and promotes a stronger and more active society by offering cost-effective and environmentally friendly housing solutions.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the program suitable for?

As the qualifications continue to be drawn up, those with low incomes in the nation who have never owned a home and earn an annual income of less than PKR 60,000 are likely to be the target demographic.

When can I apply?

The application process is still under development. Stay tuned to official government channels for updates on application procedures and deadlines.

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