The Punjabi government's Roshan Gharana project is a wonderful attempt to combat the lack of electricity by providing rooftop solar systems to deserving families. This smartphone app is for you if you belong to Punjab and love to use solar power to light up your home exterior. You will become an expert in Roshan Gharana registration by reading this blog post which will guide you through Bank of Punjab (BOP) certification processes in 2024.

Benefits of Roshan Gharana Program:

Solar power cells give clean electricity, which dramatically decreases your dependence on the power grid and your recurring energy bills. Since sunlight is an intermittent resource, using it to power your home is both environmentally conscious and sustainably advantageous. Your standard of living can be improved by having reliable access to electricity from sunlight, which you and your family can use to power equipment, lights and other essentials.

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Registration as a Professional: Roshan Gharana Program Registration through BOP in 2024 O Roshan Gharana The project provides rooftop solar systems to deserving families in Punjab. This guide will help you navigate the 2024 registration process through Bank of Punjab (BOP).

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Eligibility criteria:

Be sure to complete the registration prerequisites before starting the registration process. Although the program is designed for lower income families, you must be a citizen of Pakistan living in Punjab. At the time of registration, your spouse's income and poverty score will be assessed.

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Required documents:

A hard copy of your CNIC (Automated National Identity Card) is required, which is required to log in. Help provide proof of income, such as wage statements or income certificates, for each contributor to the residence. An energy bill (gas, electricity) showing your current address or, when you are a user, your lease agreement can be used as proof of address.

It is not usually necessary to obtain bank statements for the last six months, but it could be improved upon application. Documentation about the participation of your family members in any government initiative must also be provided, such as the name of Eh. For registration purposes, please bring two recent passport size photos with you.

Registration process:

Find BOP branch near you: Go to the nearest Bank of Punjab location.

  • Purchase the registration form: Download an application form for the Roshan Gharana program from a representative of a financial institution.
  • Enter the form, but be careful: After reading the form, make sure to fill out each part thoroughly. Make sure everything is correct, as typos can delay processes.
  • Acquire the relevant documentation: Verify that you hold each of the relevant roles listed above.
  • Submit Submit your uses: Send the form you filled and the necessary procedures to the bank representative to be executed.
  • Fee collection (if applicable): Registration fee of PKR 2,000 (subject to change) may be required. Check, contact the bank person and, if absolutely necessary, pay what it costs.
  • Valid and concession: The banking entity


The program has a selection system that takes into account program ability along with eligibility requirements. The bank will contact you if the application is approved. This written communication can take the form of a letter of acknowledgment or an invitation for an interview. After being chosen, an electrician will come to the site to set up a solar power system.

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It is easy to apply for Roshan Gharana program through BOP. You can get all the benefits of sunlight and save on utility bills by following these instructions and making sure you meet the qualification requirements. Remember that providing full and complete data ahead of time is critical to a smooth registration transaction.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I don't have a BOP savings account?

Membership is not required to prove ownership of a BOP profile. Still, you can simplify the following program activities.

How many places will solar panels be installed on roofs?

The standards of the program and the specific needs you have will influence how many solar panels are installed.

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