The Punjab government plans to start a farmer card registration drive on June 1, 2024 to provide farmers with interest-free loans and other incentives. The project, supported by the Bank of Punjab and the Department of Agriculture, aims to benefit farmers by providing interest-free loans of up to PKR 150,000. Farmers who own between 1 and 12.5 hectares are eligible. Registration is done through SMS and the plan is intended to assist more than 500,000 farmers. It also guarantees the distribution of fertilizers and pesticides at fixed costs.

Overview of the Scheme

Chief Minister of Punjab is spearheading this program which is a big attempt to help the agriculture industry. During a meeting at the Agriculture House, Iftikhar Ali Sahu, the Agriculture Secretary, emphasized on the accessibility and openness of the scheme.

characteristic Details
Interest-free loans Up to PKR 150,000
Eligibility Farmers from 1 to 12.5 hectares
registration SMS to 8070 with identity card number
Estimated beneficiaries More than 500,000 farmers
Price control Fixed prices of fertilizers and pesticides

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Key Features of the Farmer Card Scheme:

  1. Interest-free loans: Farmers can get up to PKR 150,000 interest free.
  2. Eligibility: Farmers with 1 to 12.5 acres of land can apply.
  3. Easy registration: Registration is possible by SMS, which ensures ease of access.
  4. Transparent process: The scheme aims to be transparent and easily accessible to eligible farmers.
  5. Wide range: It is estimated that around 500,000 farmers will benefit from this initiative.
  6. Controlled prices: The scheme ensures that fertilizers and pesticides are provided at fixed prices.
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Registration process

Farmers should text their identity card number to 8070 to register. The Punjab Revenue Agency must have the farmer's land records available and his identity card must be linked to his mobile number so that he can proceed with the registration procedure.

Implementation and supervision

Some authorities, including Shahenshah Faisal Azim, the Special Secretary for Agriculture, and representatives of the Punjab Bank, will monitor the implementation. To ensure the highest level of farmer participation, the meeting highlighted the importance of a smooth and effective registration procedure.

Benefits for farmers

The Farmer Card program is intended to help farmers by easing financial strains and giving them access to timely resources, which will improve crop production and financial stability. The Punjab government wants to strengthen the farming community and the agricultural sector by providing interest-free loans at regulated rates for necessary agricultural inputs.

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The Punjab government's dedication to the development of the agricultural sector through creative and farmer-friendly policies is reflected in the Farmer Card registration campaign. This initiative, which offers substantial financial support and easy registration, is expected to have a major impact on the livelihoods of Punjabi farmers.

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