Nada announced today that they are expanding ChatGPT integration to older audio products, including Ear (1), Ear (stick), Ear (2), as well as CMF audio devices.

The integration will arrive earlier than planned, initially planned for June. The company previously introduced ChatGPT integration in recently launched products like Nothing Ear and Ear(a) last month.

This integration includes:

  • Voice Control: Talk directly to ChatGPT in Ear and Ear (a) using your voice. Just download the ChatGPT app on your Nothing phone, go to the Nothing X app and enable ChatGPT, which can be set to 'tap and hold' in the gesture settings.

Nothing integrated ChatGPT features into their smartphones earlier this year. In February, Phone (2) received the Nothing OS 2.5 update, followed by Nothing Phone (1) and Nothing Phone (2a). These phones received the Nothing OS 2.5.5a update, with ChatGPT.


Starting May 21, users can upgrade their Nothing X app to enable the new feature for products such as Ear (1), Ear (stick), Ear (2), CMF Neckband Pro and CMF Buds Pro.

Note that these features are only available on Nothing/CMF audio products when connected to Nothing phones.

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