Noise has just announced a major update to its premium smart device, the Luna Ring. Now powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Luna Ring is ready to become a personalized health companion.

With this update, users can track fitness metrics more accurately and receive personalized suggestions to improve their lifestyle.

The AI-powered Luna Ring offers several features:
  1. Ask anything: Users can interact with Luna AI to get instant answers to their questions, such as their average HRV or personalized fitness recommendations.
  2. Body Insights: Gain a deeper understanding of your body's signals and rhythms, receiving personalized recommendations to optimize health and well-being. For example, understand why you feel tired despite sleeping well.
  3. Personal trainer and nutritionist: Luna AI provides personalized training routines and nutrition recommendations based on individual fitness goals and biomarkers.

Noise highlighted that collaboration between experts in sports science, engineering and data science led to this innovation.

The Luna Ring analyzes more than 70 biomarkers daily with advanced algorithms, leveraging data from millions of users, consolidating it as a leader in wearable technology.


The AI ​​feature is currently in beta and will be unroll to all users over the next 1-2 weeks for Noise's Luna Ring.

Commenting on the announcement, Amit Khatri, co-founder of Noise said:

We are excited to introduce the pioneering artificial intelligence integration in smart rings around the world. Smart rings have emerged as the newest form of wearable technology and the integration of AI is revolutionizing their capabilities. This marks a crucial milestone in improving the smart wearables experience, reshaping the smart ring landscape and empowering users to prioritize their well-being. This initiative reflects our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in the smart wearables sector, fostering growth and driving meaningful advances.

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