The BISP has launched a new balance for the poor, which is a financial assistance program that provides financial assistance every three months. The money from the economic aid, which was expected to be released in the month of May, was reversed in the budget and deposited in the accounts of the poor. The release date of the money has not yet been announced. Deserving women who received money from the Benazir Income Support Program now have a new balance of Rs. 10500. To check their money, individuals can follow these steps.

Balance checking methods

To check the Benazir Income Support Program amount, first check your eligibility. If you qualify, check your quarterly installment amount every three months to see if the amount has been released. Once released, you can get your money back. You can check your balance via SMS code 8171, web portal 8171, ATM instructions or a call center. The government also introduced a call center for representatives to verify and provide money. You can also visit your nearest Benazir Income Support Program office for more information. The procedures will be explained in detail.

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BISP New Balance Check Methods Details
SMS method Send the ID number to 8171, get the balance
Web portal Visit the 8171 portal, enter the details and get the balance
ATM withdrawal Visit HBL ATM, check and check balance
Call the BISP helpline Dial 0800-26477, provide details, get balance
Visit BISP Tehsil Office Visit the office with your ID, request a balance check

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BISP balance by SMS

BISP New Balance Check Method

  • Use SMS code to check balance.
  • A mobile phone with a registered SIM is required.
  • Select the inbox option on mobile.
  • Enter a 13-digit ID card without hyphens.
  • Send to 8171.
  • Receive a confirmation message with the amount details.
  • Accessible method even without internet access.

BISP payment check through the 8171 web portal

Government web portal verification method

  • Visit the 8171 web portal.
  • Fill out a form with your ID.
  • Enter the verification code in the second field.
  • Confirm the transaction.
  • Get instant information about your money.

10500 New ATM Payment Check

Benazir and HBL Bank Income Support Program:

  • HBL Bank offers cash withdrawal and balance checking services.
  • Visit the nearest HBL ATM branch and select Biometric Verification.
  • Enter your ID and your thumb for biometric verification.
  • Open a BISP account in Urdu language.
  • Select BISP you can check the online option.
  • Check your balance in the online menu.
  • Enter the desired withdrawal amount.
  • The money is deposited immediately through the ATM.

Through the call

BISP call centers have been set up to help people register complaints under the Benazir Income Support Programme. To register a complaint, contact the call centers or helpline. If you need to check your balance, call the BISP helpline with your ID card and mobile number. The representative will provide you with account details. The helpline is available on 0800-26477.

Balance Check by BISP Tehsil Office

BISP Tehsil offices have been launched across Pakistan, with more than 600 offices providing detailed information about your money. To check your new BISP balance, visit the office with your ID and mobile number, and ask a representative to check the amount in your account. They will immediately verify the amount in your account.

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The Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) has released a new amount, which is expected to be received by the end of May. The new amount can be checked at home through various means, including SMS to 817, entering your DNI on the portal or contacting the BISP helpline. If these methods are not feasible, individuals can visit their nearest branch and ask a representative to check their balance. ATMs can also be used to check money. It is essential to check if the amount has arrived and ensure the record if not.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the process to check BISP balance through SMS?

To check your BISP balance via SMS, send your 13-digit ID number without hyphens to 8171. You will receive a confirmation message with your balance details.

Can I check my BISP balance online?

Yes, you can check your BISP balance online by visiting the 8171 web portal, filling the required form with your ID details, entering the verification code and confirming the transaction. You will receive immediate information about your balance.

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