Meta has introduced Meta Horizon OS, a mixed reality operating system that powers the Meta Quest headset.

The name reflects its focus on people and connection. Meta Horizon OS combines core technologies for mixed reality with social features, making social presence central to the platform.

Development of the Meta Horizon operating system

The company emphasized that Meta Horizon OS is the culmination of a decade-long effort to develop a next-generation computing platform. Meta pioneered standalone headsets with technologies such as indoor tracking and advanced interaction systems.

Its investment in blending digital and physical worlds includes high-resolution step, scene understanding, and spatial anchors.

Empower developers and creators

Developers and creators can use Meta Horizon OS' custom frameworks and tools to create mixed reality experiences.

They can also connect with their communities and expand their businesses through the Meta Horizon Store, which offers a wide range of apps and immersive experiences.

Social integration between platforms

Horizon's social layer, currently available on Meta Quest devices, will be extended across the Meta Horizon OS ecosystem. This integration allows people to maintain their identities, avatars and friend groups across virtual spaces and platforms.

Developers can build rich social features into their apps, enabling cross-platform interactions.

A more open application ecosystem

Meta is opening up Meta Horizon OS to more device manufacturers and expanding the ways app developers can reach the public. They are removing the barriers between the Meta Horizon Store and App Lab, making it easier for developers to publish their software.

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Popular App Lab titles will soon appear in a dedicated section of the store, improving their discoverability.

Expanding access to content

Meta Horizon OS offers users several ways to access content beyond the Meta Horizon store.

Users can access popular gaming services like Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and stream PC software wirelessly to the headset through services like Steam Link or Air Link.

Meta encourages the Google Play 2D app store to join Meta Horizon OS, maintaining its existing economic model.

Upcoming devices

The world's leading technology companies are developing new devices based on the Meta Horizon operating system:

  • ASUS Republic of Gamers is creating a performance gaming headset.
  • Lenovo is designing mixed reality devices for productivity, learning and entertainment.
  • Xbox and Meta collaborate on a limited edition Xbox-inspired Meta Quest.

These devices benefit from collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., leveraging Snapdragon processors tightly integrated with Meta's hardware and software stacks.

Announcing the new open application ecosystem, Meta he declared:

Today, we are moving towards our vision of a more open computing platform for the metaverse with “Meta Horizon OS”. By extending the operating system that powers our Meta Quest devices to third-party hardware manufacturers, we give consumers more choice and give developers a wider ecosystem to build from.

By partnering with the world's leading technology companies, we're bringing this new ecosystem to life, simplifying the app development process and expanding access for developers to connect with their audiences on our platform.

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