LG India has launched the latest models in the LG OLED evo and QNED line. These were announced at CES 2024 earlier this year and are expected to offer 4x higher AI performance, with updated AI scaling, AI Sound Pro and more. The advanced LG OLED evo AI and LG QNED AI TVs come in screen sizes ranging from 43″ to 97″.

Video and audio improvements

LG has introduced various features such as AI zoom and AI Picture Pro. Augmented AI, which uses precise pixel-level image analysis to effectively enhance objects and backgrounds that may appear blurry.

In addition, the ingenious AI processor refines colors by analyzing frequently used tones that best convey the mood and emotional elements that filmmakers and content creators are aiming for.

LG's latest OLED evo models have acquired ClearMR certification from the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA), which promises crisp picture quality. The latest models feature several gaming advantages, including an impressive 4K 144Hz refresh rate and full HDMI 2.1 features.

These advanced TVs also come with Game Optimizer so gamers can easily switch between default screen settings designed for different game genres and support NVIDIA G-SYNC and AMD FreeSync to eliminate tearing and stuttering that break immersion to get the most dynamic and realistic. gaming experience.

AI Sound Pro, on the other hand, delivers 11.1.2 virtual surround sound from the TVs' built-in speakers.


When it comes to software, these models will feature a new webOS program that promises up to 5 years of OS updates. In addition, these offer up to 10 individual profiles, Apple AirPlay and Chromecast support, and a variety of accessibility features including dedicated menu settings, sign language avatars, remote control tutorials and more.

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Additionally, the main UI home screen of the latest version of webOS features Dynamic Q Card for quick and effortless access to your services, with custom organization into groups such as Home Office, Home Hub, Sports and Games.

Prices and availability
model sizes Initial price
LG OLED evo G4 AI 97″, 77″, 65″, 55″ Rs. 2,049,990
LG OLED evo C4 AI 83″, 77″, 65″, 55″, 48″, 42″ Rs. 119,990
LG OLED B4 AI 77″, 65″, 55″ Rs. 169,990
LG QNED MiniLED (QNED90T) 65″ Rs. 189,990
LG QNED (QNED88T) 75″, 65″, 55″, 50″, 43″ Rs. 103,990
LG QNED (QNED82T) 75″, 65″, 55″, 50″, 43″ Rs. 62,990

These models will be available in the LG India websiteauthorized retail and e-commerce stores.

Launch Offers:

  • 1 year free product insurance
  • No cost EMI on select models
  • Up to Rs. 21,000 off on exchange

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