Khidmat card is a social welfare initiative of the Punjab government that provides financial assistance to the poor and deserving. It provides various types of financial assistance to those living in Punjab. The article provides information about the online registration process for the card, allowing those interested in obtaining it to register easily.

Eligibility criteria

Khidmat card is granted to those who meet certain eligibility criteria set by the government. These include being from a poor family, having a disability, having a monthly income of less than Rs 30,000, having a poverty index of less than 32, meeting the age requirements, having Pakistani citizenship and being a resident of Punjab. The government aims to ensure that cards are issued only to people who meet the requirements.

benefits Eligibility documents process
Financial aid Poor family, < 30,000 rupees CNIC, proof of income Visit the website, register
Health services Poverty score < 32 Photos, utility bill Fill out the form, send the documents
Educational support Pakistani citizenship Certificate of disability Wait for SMS notification
Job placement Resident of Punjab Death certificate (widows) Collect card

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Documents required during the online application process

To get Khidmat card, applicants need to provide the following documents: CNIC card, proof of monthly income, passport size photos, electricity or gas bill, disability certificate, death certificate of husband for widows and Zong Sim in CNIC of beneficiary Failure to provide these documents may result in the online registration process not being completed.

Complete application process

To apply for a Khidmat card online, users must first visit the official website of, create an account by clicking the Register Now button and provide all the required information such as name, address, ID card number, mobile number, home address, email and other details. After creating an account, applicants must submit an application, upload required documents, review their application, and click the Submit button. If they are eligible, they will be notified via SMS that the card has been issued and can then collect the card from the specified location. After completing the application, applicants will receive an SMS notification about the issuance of the card and can proceed to the designated location to collect their card.

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Benefits of Khidmat Card

The program provides financial assistance, health services, educational support, food assistance, job placement, career counseling and housing support to eligible families. It also provides subsidies for essential food, distribution of food parcels, job placement, career counseling and training programs. Some more included are:

  • Quarterly financial assistance for eligible individuals, especially those with disabilities.
  • This can help improve your financial security and your standard of living.
  • Access to subsidized medical consultations, diagnostic tests and essential medicines.
  • This benefit can improve health outcomes for cardholders and their families.


Khidmat card is an initiative of the Punjab government aimed at the welfare of the poor and deserving. It allows people to register online from home and receive the card. The benefits of this card are also discussed. For more information, readers can comment in the comment section. The article provides a complete guide to get Khidmat Card.

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Frequently asked questions

Who is eligible for Khidmat Card?

Eligibility criteria include being from a poor family, having a disability, a monthly income of less than Rs 30,000 and meeting age, citizenship and residency requirements.

What documents are required for the online application process?**

Documents like CNIC, proof of income, photos, utility bills, disability certificates and others are required. Failure to provide these may stop the registration process.

How to apply for Khidmat card online?

Visit the official website, create an account, fill in the personal details, submit the application along with the necessary documents and wait for the SMS notification about the issuance of the card.

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