iFixit has announced the conclusion of its two-year partnership with Samsung, aimed at establishing a friendly repair environment for Galaxy devices.

Despite efforts to set a high standard for repair documentation and assist local workshops with the necessary tools and parts, iFixit reports that it is unable to meet these goals.

Challenges faced

iFixit faced several obstacles that raised questions about Samsung's commitment to affordable repairs, including:

  • High parts prices, so consumers prefer device replacement over repair.
  • Samsung's device designs, with glued-on components, require expensive pre-assembled packages for repairs.
In response, iFixit decided to end the partnership, with key changes including:
  • End of association: As of June 2024, iFixit will no longer be Samsung's official distributor of third-party parts and tools.
  • No quantity limits: Starting next month, there will be no limit of seven Samsung parts per repair shop per quarter.
  • Existing information: While no current repair information will be removed from iFixit's platform, new manuals will no longer be developed in partnership with Samsung.
  • Ongoing support: iFixit will continue to sell Samsung parts and repair kits, sourcing OEM parts when available and indicating whether they are original or aftermarket.
Challenges with Samsung

iFixit tried to work with Samsung to produce repair documentation for the initial devices, but ran into recurring problems.

Despite announcements and public initiatives, there has been a lack of follow-through, reminiscent of their experience with Samsung's Galaxy Upcycling project.

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Due to different priorities, iFixit found it increasingly difficult to support Samsung devices as their repairability decreased.

They will now focus their guidemaking efforts on more deserving technologies, while continuing to provide teardowns and repairability scores for notable devices.

Community participation

iFixit will continue to sell Samsung parts as it has since 2015 and encourage the community to share repair knowledge. More than half of iFixit's 100,000+ guides are written by the community. Removing the parts quantity limits will benefit repair shops frustrated by previous restrictions.

Continuing the Mission

iFixit remains committed to promoting repair-friendly practices and legislation. They recently launched repair parts with Kobo and have added over 10,000 new repair parts this year, including laptop batteries and refrigerator ice makers.

iFixit advocates for independent repair companies, which are threatened by monopolistic practices that restrict access to essential parts and tools.

They are working to pass legislation on the right to redress and working with the Federal Trade Commission and the Copyright Office to support redress rights.

Future plans

iFixit is expanding its efforts to support a more repairable world:

  • Summer extension: Repair centers with existing partners will support more devices.
  • Global scope: More parts will be released in more countries for a wider range of devices.
  • Scorecards: New repairability scorecards will be released for various device categories.
  • Service providers: Partnerships with third-party point-of-sale providers will make repair content more accessible.
  • Expansion of the catalog of parts: More than 10,000 new parts have been added, covering TVs, laptops, notebooks, coffee makers, appliances and video game consoles.
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In its announcement, iFixit he declared:

Repair, not replacement, should be the norm. If fixing items was as easy as buying new ones, more people would go for it. We consistently prioritize providing an exceptional experience to our customers and fostering the growth of independent repair businesses.

We will only maintain business partnerships with manufacturers that fit our vision. As right-to-repair laws come into effect this summer, we'll help more manufacturers implement repair options for their products.

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