Many guys feel that once you enter the friend zone, it is impossible to get out. Well, they're not entirely wrong. It's nearly impossible to get out of the friend zone, and that's because guys who get into the friend zone tend to try to get out of it by doing the things that got them there in the first place. Only a small percentage of the boys actually get out of there. You can be that guy if you pay attention to this article and try your best to stop repeating the same mistakes. Here's how to escape the friend zone.

1. Stop overcompensating

There's no better way to put this without actually offending nice people, but overcompensating is the technique of the weak.

If you have to overcompensate, then you're just expressing weakness. You're just showing this woman that she did the right thing by rejecting you.

To get out of the friend zone, you have to show the woman that she did wrong and that she made such a big mistake by rejecting you.

Overcompensation shows you otherwise.

Do not overcompensate in any way. don't do it

Don't text him twice a day. Don't tell her how much you miss her or how much you love her.

Don't tell him how much he's missing out on. Or tell her how you are the best for her and how you could take care of her and make her really happy.

The truth is: she doesn't want to hear any of the bullshit.

Many blogs will tell you to get their freebies and maybe try to get you used to putting you in their space.

But all those things don't really work in real life. It seems that they only work in theories, and our blog is not a theory blog.

Ours is a very practical blog that tells you how to do things and how to get the results you want.

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2. Don't talk about it anymore

Seriously, no. Stop talking about wanting to have a relationship with her. If she decides she wants to be friends with you, she flips the cards and also the friend zone.

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Don't talk about relationships. Don't talk about love, and when she decides to bring it up, just close the conversation.

Stay neutral. Keep it very platonic, at least for now. I'm talking about the first few days or weeks after she decides she wants to friend zone you.

This works by provoking in her a desire that is often used to differentiate men.

Women are great at dissecting men. They judge their interaction with a particular man based on the interaction they have had with other men before him.

If a man kept begging a woman to have a relationship with him after he was friend-zoned, he will assume that all men will eventually ask.

If you're the one who doesn't beg, who doesn't care, then she'll conclude that you're a different man and may start looking at you through the lenses of difference or uniqueness.

And as we already know, women are more likely to be in a relationship with men who prove to be unique.

3. Make her jealous

You have to be very subtle with this one. You can't lose it at this point, or you risk losing it entirely.

If you manage to make her jealous, you will trigger a desire in her that will make her want to lust after you.

I've seen this happen many times, and especially with the men I coach on how to get women.

You have about three options when trying to make her jealous. And which option you go with depends on the phase of your interaction and where you're interacting.

If you are online, you have two options.

You can make him feel jealous by putting your successes or your personal advancements out there. Or you can put beautiful women in his face.

Putting your personal best forward works because women will gravitate towards success, and chances are she'll put you in the friend zone in the first place because she's concluded that you're not successful enough for her.

Showing her that you are successful will make her question her decision. And the moment a woman starts questioning her decision to friend zone you, then she's going to get you out of there soon.

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Posting pictures of you and other beautiful women will also elicit the same reaction because it will make her feel that if you have access to women prettier than her, you should be able to have access to her.

If you are interacting with her in real life, you also have about two options to make her jealous.

The first option is to improve your dress and improve your fashion.

Improving your style will show him that you are really improving your life and that he should reconsider putting you in the friend zone.

The second option is to interact with other women when she is around you. You may even go so far as to flirt with these other women.

This works as a diagnostic function as well as a curative function.

Diagnosis because it tells you whether or not he has feelings for you. Healing because if she went ahead and friend zoned you, then she can help you get out of the friend zone.

4. Start flirting again

Start flirting again. Flirting can get you out of the friend zone, but only if you take it easy this time and try not to make the same mistakes you've made in the past.

Women don't really like it when a man runs.

This is because it is during the seduction phase that they can really tell what the man is made of.

That's when they can tell if the man is just going to be a friend or if he's going to be a partner.

The rule of thumb when flirting is that you flirt towards the zone of best response.

As long as the woman responds favorably, you should continue.

There can be a lot of resistance and testing during this initial period when you're trying to get out of the friend zone, but it's best to believe that this resistance will eventually go away and that flirting will eventually produce the results you want. .

He was there. done that

5. Call more

Texting is what friends do. I have to be honest. As long as you keep texting a woman, your chances of being in the friend zone will continue to increase. This is because texting is going to ruin your relationship.

Call her some more and call her at night.

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During those late night calls most of the feelings happen.

This is because night calls are very intimate. Women would like to say that they don't like late night calls. But yes And they make a lot of calls with guys they like.

Be the guy she likes and say no sometimes. Instead, call her. Start with voice memos and then move on to calls.

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6. Exchange images

One of the ways to attract a woman into your own life is to send her photos of your daily activities.

It is important to note that your exit from the friend zone is literally attracting a woman into your life and becoming a part of your own space.

you do you And she makes the decision about whether your space is interesting enough to be in or not.

Then. show him that your life is fun, that anyone should feel lucky or privileged to be in.

Send her photos of your recent travels, recent hangouts, or anything you've done recently that might make a woman want to be with you.

If you don't like sending photos, you can talk about these interesting parts of your life. You can tell him about the last trip you went on, what you did and also what you would like him to do.

7. We meet often

Yes, of course, you two should meet often.

Ask to meet her as often as you feel the need, but it should not be more than three times a week.

During your dates, make sure everything is classy and don't hesitate to flirt every now and then.

8. Break the touch barrier

Yes, you should break the touch barrier.

You're usually one tap out of the dating zone.

Many guys have been friend zoned because they didn't know when to break the touch barrier.

But you must learn when to stop or tap.

The best person to teach you how to break the touch barrier is the woman herself.

Watch their responses and watch their progress, then predict when it's best to make your moves.

Leaving the friend zone is easy.

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