Getting a boner should be very easy. However, sometimes it is more difficult than a wish or a thought. If you're having trouble getting a boner, you've come to the right article. In this article, I'm going to show you how to get an erection when you want it, and you're sure to get one that lasts for a while.

1. Turn off anxiety

Anxiety is not great for you in bed. It really isn't. It puts your body into panic mode. And in panic mode, many of the smooth muscles and cartilage in your body begin to be lost. The soft tissues of your penis are not left out.

In fact, they may even be the first to feel the heat. They can get excited involuntarily or just shut down completely. This is why you may notice that if your erection problems are due to anxiety, you tend to have random erections from time to time.

Pretty random ones for no reason at all. Has that happened to you before? If so, know that it's time to let go of your performance anxiety.

Let it all go, and come to see sex as something to be enjoyed. You can't keep fighting your pleasure.

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2. Remove mental blocks

It might not be anxiety this time. It could be anything. A mental block or something.

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I knew someone who couldn't get an erection after being infected with an STI.

That STI really traumatized him. To the point where there was a block in his mind, so that every time he thought about having sex, even if he got a small erection, he died.

I was lucky enough to speak with him before publishing this article.

I asked him three questions.

The first was, “How bad were your erection problems?”

To that, he said, “I'm not going to lie. They were pretty bad. It was almost impossible to get an erection, really. I tried again and again, but every time I wanted to hit a wall.”

The second: “How was your time?”

To that end, he said, “I changed my mind about sex. I began to see sex as it should be: a means of obtaining and maintaining pleasure.

It is the second answer that interests us now. Whatever traumatic experience you have around sex, it's time to let it go. It's time to see sex as what it really should be: a means of enjoyment.

Remove mental blocks. All of them Although you may be tempted, don't give in to the temptation to think you can do it all at once.

Give yourself some time. Even if all it takes is clearing a block each week, as you progress, no matter how slowly, you should give yourself some praise and keep looking for better. For more This is how you win against sexual trauma.

If this doesn't help, you can talk to a sex therapist. I know sex therapists are very helpful with these things.

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3. Correct any addiction to pornography

If you're trying to get a long-lasting jerk whenever you want, it might be time to fix your porn addiction.

Porn is usually very harmless at first. Until it becomes harmful.

The damage it does to you is very psychological. It changed your view of sex. It starts making sex look like a game of perfection and forces you to create sky-high fantasies. Fantasies that will often be impossible to fill.

Levy, a college student who had been addicted to porn, tells us: “Porn can make it impossible for you to get an erection, making sex seem very unreal. It can set some people's expectations so high that real-life women's bodies don't seem as attractive anymore because the fantasies of perfect bodies have become too firmly entrenched.

If you notice that your erectile problems started because you became addicted to porn, it might be time to lay off porn.

Don't depend on it for your arousal anymore.

4. Exercise

Exercise can improve blood flow. Your erection, as you already know, is highly dependent on your blood flow.

You get an erection when blood flows into the soft tissues of the penis. Anything that impedes blood flow is going to mess with your erection.

Fortunately, exercise can make your blood flow more streamlined and make it easier for you to get an erection.

You don't have to go to the gym or anything. You can start by moving more. Sometimes just an increase in physical activity can make such a big difference.

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You can run more around your house or just run in the morning.

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5. Lose some weight

This one addresses the hormonal side of erections. Overweight men have been shown to have much less testosterone than is believed.

Testosterone is the male hormone and coordinates many functions that aid male sexuality, including erection. When your testosterone levels are high, you're likely to see a marked drop in your libido and drive to have sex.

And although this drop is absent, you may notice that it is more difficult to get an erection.

Lose a few pounds, and that may be all it takes to get your sex life back on track.

6. Try some more

You're not going to give up, are you?

If you want to become a Boer, don't stop until you get a Boer.

Even if it means you keep trying again and again, do it. Do this as many times as it takes until one day you have a boer.

Some medications can help. But I wouldn't count on it, at least not until your doctor says something about it.


Getting a boner is easy.

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