8171 BISP 9000 Payment: Government of Pakistan has decided to provide Rs.9000 in relief to poor and deserving people under BISP. This funding is one of the government's actions to reduce poverty. The government chose to donate this amount because it always believes that the needy deserve it.

Check your eligibility for 9000 payment

Once the Benazir Income Support Program registration process is complete, there are several steps to determine eligibility. However, I will walk you through the process of using an SMS to verify your eligibility, which will allow you to send an SMS to confirm your eligibility. To use SMS to verify your eligibility, follow the steps below.

  • First you need to open the SMS application on your mobile device.
  • Also, note the number on your ID and text it to 8171.
  • Remember that the number you use to send the SMS is registered under your name when you send it.
  • You cannot locate the recipient if you send the SMS using a mobile number that is not linked to your name.
  • You also receive the answer within a few moments of sending the SMS.
  • Your eligibility is verified in the SMS response.

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Registration process

You must complete registration to receive payment 8171 BISP 9000. One step is required, which I will go over in detail here, to complete the registration process.

  • First you need to go to your nearest BISP office.
  • You must see the representative in the office after visiting the BISP office.
  • The representative will conduct a dynamic survey. You will be asked specific questions in a dynamic study.
  • Whether you pass or not depends on how well you answer the questions.
  • We will ask you about your salary every month.
  • It is also known how many people make up his family, which must be at least six.
  • And the head of the family must be a woman with an identity card, at least.
  • You must know all of this information in order to register for this program in an open and honest manner.
  • Once the registration process is complete, you need to wait for your 8171 SIM cards.
  • You will be notified by SMS of your eligibility for this program.
BISP 9000 Payment Overview
Payment amount
Rs. 9000
Verification of eligibility
-Send an SMS to 8171 with the ID number.

Necessary documents

To complete the registration process, you must bring certain documents to Benazir's office. Here is a list of some of the required documents:

  • Original ID number of the applicant
  • Complete list of household data
  • Monthly Income Certificate and CNIC Registration Data
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Frequently asked questions

How much will the government give to people in poverty?

Government of Pakistan has decided to provide 9000 rupees in aid to poor and deserving people under BISP.

What is the first step to sign up for this program?

First you need to go to your nearest BISP office.

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